Activision Blizzard explains why it goes away "Destiny 2" – Variety

Active Destiny 2 players grew in the last quarter thanks to the release of the Forsaken expansion, but Activision Blizzard is still not happy with the sale, so he decided to give the game two weeks, said the CEO of the company and the president to the analysts during the payout this week.

At BlizzCon, we announced that "Destiny" is a basic free game for two weeks, which means downloading it by November 18th and maintaining the base forever, "said Activision CEO and President Coddy Johnson. that we want the whole community to be loaded and able to play it, but also because it is a living game. And once you are in it, with ongoing functions and services and content, there is really deep engagement. And part of it was also because we have not seen the full reengage kernel in Destiny, which has led to a lack of performance against our expectations. Some players we think are still in wait and see. So when you are, you are deeply betrothed. If you are not, we hope that it is time to work and return the players back and get them back. "

In fact, Activision Blizzard sees the way to making money from "Destiny 2" as a constant dripping of spending from active players in the game for either cosmetic items or packet expansion packs. It's the same approach, to some extent used by massive financiers, such as Fortnite, which earns almost all of its money from in-game purchases.

The question, Johnson believes, is not the question whether the expansion of "Destiny 2" is good, but that people are not willing to buy the basic game and then pay it.

"Forsaken is a high-quality extension to space," Johnson said. "Frankly, it's the best quality we've seen in the franchise, and it's really out of business and Bungie to deal with the holistic attitude of community concepts" Dostiny 2. "When we talked to the players, we knew it came from users, who really are making a fundamental insight into how to offer a deeper end game, more power and greater rewards, and involve players who really enjoy the content, especially as well as the reviewers and the community, and continues to deepen the engagement of those who they play it. "

But expansion just makes money from those who already own the basic game, and "Destiny 2" was released without the full support of those who played the original title, which Johnson believes he is now hurting the game.

"Some of our other licenses, such as Destiny, do not work as well as we like, and we're working to speed up the pace of innovation in live operations and improve the speed with which we release new content to keep our players and provide new options for monetization, "Johnson said.

It remained to be seen how successful the game would be in terms of stimulating more purchases and purchases sold in the future and in future expansion packs. It is also possible that if successful, Destiny 2 will be permanent.

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