Breaking Bad returns as a movie, says Bryan Cranston, because Hollywood loves a good brand


8 November 2018 14:09:47

World Breaking Bad is a movie treatment.

Actor Bryan Cranston, who played the scientist-reversed-meth-cook Walter White, confirmed the movie is going on, although what shape will be unclear.

Shooting is about to begin in New Mexico, where the original The Albuquerque Journal was released and the original television series was released.

Warning: This article contains fence spoilers

New Mexico has confirmed a Greenbrier movie about a kidnapped search for freedom, is about to start production, but does not confirm reports about Breaking Bad.

Cranston said he did not see the script, but spoke with Vince Gilligan's filmmaker.

"There is a question whether we will see Walter White in this film," Cranston told Dan Patrick.

"If Vince Gilligan asked me for sure, absolutely, it's genius, and it's a great story, and there are plenty of people who feel they want to see some of those stories open.

"This idea of ​​what I was told is getting into those – at least a few characters that were not completed until their journey [is concerned]. "

So far, we do not know where the film will appear – like a television movie or in cinemas – or which members of the show will return, including Aaron Paul, who played drug dealer Jesse Pinkman.

Pop culture loves spin-offs, remakes and reboots

This is the second Breaking Bad project.

After completing the winning championship in 2013, Gilligan created Better Call Saul, who follows the stupid lawyer who plays Bob Odenkirk. This show was popular and will return to the fifth series.

The button for dairy packaging of this rich universe for further content is part of the current obsession with popular culture by giving you things you already love.

"We are currently in what feels like the storm's eye in terms of remake of culture and the remix of culture," says Luke Buckmaster, a film and television critic at The Guardian and

You see it everywhere: Sea Change is back, Sabrina Teenage Witch has been revived. In recent years, Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace.

The entertainment industry has changed what the studio calls to throw money on the project, says Buckmaster.

"It was before that the stars should be a favorite movie in the box office," he said. "Now it's all about brands.

"I think it's only a matter of time before we get Sopranos – without Tony, of course – or Mad Men."

Critic Dan Barrett from the online Always Be Watching has agreed and reminded that this week's announcement that AMC, a network that broadcasts Breaking Bad in the US, soon set up three films based on the popular television series The Walking Dead.

"The audience, who has fun today, is looking for brands and worlds on the screen they already have some knowledge about," Barrett said.

"AMC does this by giving viewers what they want, but bringing familiar material to a way that feels different."

Where would Breaking Bad take the characters?

Both critics say that there is still enough of me in Breaking Bad Storce and that Gilligan has demonstrated his ability to do a good job.

In the final scene in the fifth season after White used a robotic machine gun with a home weapon to kill a gang of neo-Nazis, Jesse was exposed in a hysterical state when Walter died of a shotgun.

The news on Thursday suggested that the film would look at what happened to Jesse after that moment.

"The basic topics of Breaking Bad have always been linked to morality and personal perception of whether they are right with the choices they make," Barrett said.

"Breaking Bad can go in many ways, but as long as he remains faithful to the loyal" Breaking Bad "themes, I think the fans will be happy with what Vince Gilligan is coming to."

Buckmaster said the Breaking Bad movie would be useful because the TV series was "one of the biggest and certainly one of the most film programs in history."

Last year Gilligan told News Breakfast, felt he had great pressure on the final episode, watched live more than 10 million people when he was airing in the US.

"I thought about The Sopranos – which is what the end really likes – but it was polarizing," he said.

"I did not want to be polarizing myself, I wanted everybody to love it."


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