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Brexit: Tory truce collapses when Theresa may be accused of "stupid mistake" in EU talks leading Euroskeptic

Theresa May was accused of having done a "stupid mistake" when she tries to join Brexit's new round of talks with the EU.

The fragile conservative ceasefire reached in the key vote on Tuesday collapsed in less than 24 hours when leading Eurosceptic MEP Steve Baker attacked the Prime Minister's negotiating team.

He said that Maya was to include British leading negotiator Crawford Falconer, who Brexiteers did not trust British current public administration Olly Robbins to get the best approach.

It has turned out that the ministers, who remain in return, are once again pushing the Prime Minister to commit to a lasting customs union as a way to negotiate an Irish berserk from an existing agreement to conclude a treaty.

Ms. Maya continued to meet with other MEPs, including Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, when she was preparing to return to Brussels, probably next week, to ensure a change in the agreement on the conclusion of a treaty she had previously concluded with the EU.

On Tuesday evening, the European Brexit Research Group agreed to support the proposal that gave Mrs Maya a mandate to come back to the EU and try to replace "feedback" with alternative measures.

But Mr Baker, vice-chair of the group, said on Wednesday in committee that Ms Falconer should be involved in a new round of talks.

The former minister said: "My experience with the government … they say that our chief business consultant, Crawford Falconer, has been omitted from our main business negotiations, and that's a stupid mistake.

"We have great trade policy experts Julian Braithwaite … and Crawford Falconer, people with great expertise who should be deeply involved in our EU trade negotiations, and that is not and it's crazy."

Outside the meeting, he said that their exclusion is "a mistake that should be corrected now".

He called for the calls of former leader Tory Ian Duncan Smith, who said that Maya should organize a "politically led" team, including Mr Falconer, to return to Brussels.

In the meantime, Mr Robbins revealed the aversion of a large number of Brexters about his dealings with Michele Barnier and his team.

However, the Mayor's spokesperson told reporters on the Prime Minister's questions: "As for state services, the team remains the same.

MEPs vote on Brexit's plans: Which changes have taken place

"The civil service team led by Olly Robbins remains the same."

The reports have shown that some ministers who support the estate have suggested that the UK could hope that the Irish stop – which many Tory MPs hate – will be removed from the exclusion agreement if the country pledges to a permanent customs union with the EU.

Unless the United Kingdom reached a new trade agreement with the EU by December 2020 to avoid a tough line in Ireland, it also potentially blocked the United Kingdom in an unrestricted customs union.

Previously, he was backed by Chief of General Candidate Gavin Barwell, but he would threaten a significant break in the Conservative Party because Brexies, including those in the Cabinet, said they would prevent the United States from entering into trade agreements with other countries.

No ten of the aides have lost the view that Maya will head to Brussels to start new talks this week, with any trip likely to take place next week after she has another UK meeting.

Mr Corbyn said he had "serious" interviews with the Prime Minister on Wednesday afternoon, in which he "set out the case for a comprehensive customs union with the European Union."

But after interviewing reporters in his parliamentary office, he warned he suspected government motives in meetings with opposition MPs.

The director of the Labor Department said: "The whole process looks as if it's going downwards, saying: Well, it's either problems and difficulties that could not be agreed or to support an agreement that has already been rejected by the Chamber of Deputies.

"I suspect there is a program that runs down."

The Independent has launched its #FinalSay campaign, which requires voters to get their vote on the latest Brexit deal.

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