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Britain's richest man supports a deal with Therese May Brexit, months after announcing he is moving to Monaco

Chemical giant Ineos and his founder, the prominent Brexiteer Sir Jim Ratcliffe, backed an agreement to exclude the EU treaty with Therese May.

Sire Jim, who said he was planning to move to Monaco this year, announced on Wednesday that his "pragmatic and reasonable" Brexit agreement had full support.

The company that made him the richest man in the UK, with an estimated 21 billion pounds wealth, said in his statement that he "consistently" supports a deal that allowed unrestricted trade and the UK has reached its own trade agreements.

Sir Jim, has voted in favor of voting before the EU referendum in June 2016. "The British are perfectly capable of driving the British and do not need Brussels to tell them how to manage things," he said in 2015.

On Wednesday, the recently awarded businessman clarified his position and said: "I did not understand the fact that while I had long supported the concept of a common market in Europe, I never felt comfortable with the concept of an ever closer union.

"Brexit's agreement, which moves us closer to an open European market, has full support."

However, the imprisonment is voted in the ruling Chamber of Deputies next month, with the opposition coming from small Brexiter, moderate and unnecessary.

Former Defense Minister Sir Michael Fallon said on Tuesday he feared the deal was "the worst of the two worlds."

As the political divisions have deepened, the business community has largely agreed that any agreement is better than none.

With the March deadline, which is now less than four months, companies with unprecedented riots are urgently growing if the United Kingdom breaks out of the EU.

Ineos, the UK's largest private company, said it expects a "significant risk" for its business "partly from tariff risk at WTO level but above all from the uncertainty of non-tariff barriers to trade with possible lateness in ports disturbing complex supply chains."

These risks are consistently emphasized from the time before the referendum to the numbers pushing the United Kingdom to stay in the EU.

Sir Jim owns most of Ineos, which manufactures raw materials for a wide range of basic products, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, cars and mobile phones.

As with many industries it supplies, Ineos relies on complex, international supply chains that cross several borders and face Brexit's struggle. In June, Ineos announced ambitious European development plans.

In the past, the company has attracted criticism, especially when its founder and chairman decided to move his seat to Switzerland in 2010.

It has also successfully encouraged bundles representing employees at the Grangemouth Refinery to accept conditions that prevent them from taking fighter action for three years.

Ineos is the UK's largest investor in fracking, a controversial and damaging environmental drilling method for oil and gas.

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