Callum McGregor reveals what Scotland needs to do to return to the main finale

Callum McGregor insists that the men Alex McLeish must change the mentality of the whole nation if Scotland becomes a force again in the final.

The Celtic midfielder thinks that after two decades of soccer failure, it is inconceivable that players such as his club colleagues and Anders Robertson of Liverpool can oversee a change in the attitude of the country by making a success on the pitch.

McGregor and the Scottish team will head to Albania on Friday for the first of the double headline, which also includes Tuesday's settlement with Israel to decide on the fate of the nation's League League.

Success will bring the Euro 2020 playoff qualifier, and McGregor wants a positive mood to pass through everyone inside and outside.

McLeish's team was devastated by an appeal, and after two decades of failure to try to reach the main finals, the Tartan army was again afraid of another furious disappointment in 180 minutes.

Last month, desperate defeat in Israel in the previous qualifying fight did nothing to change the mood of the approaching camp.

But McGregor says the outlook must be and can be changed by young braves.

Increased to a winning mentality in the Celtic world, a 25-year-old man does not enter any arena with grief and insists on trust and not fear can be a hallmark of McLeish stars over the next four days.

Players in Scotland train Oriam

McGregor admits that it will be just like a mentality, what was the ability to say, "I think so, definitely away from home.

"We had a hard night in Israel and it's about the mental state of the players just like anything else.

"We are all good players and we all have shown that at club level, but it's trying to bring it in and use the team spirit.

"We want to find the country in a positive place where they want to be.

"If you did not have such a success, then it gets to the fans and it is our job to excite this excitement and try to qualify.

"It's a lot of pressure and great responsibility, but this group of players is definitely good enough to do it.

Scottish Captain Andy Robertson

"It's just an attempt to get everything out of the pitch and on the pitch.

"Every player wants to win and be successful, and especially Celtic boys have been a huge success in recent years, becoming almost normal.

"If you do not get, then you think, what is happening, what's going on?

"I think it is important to try to bring this winning mentality to the group.

McGregor wants to be one of McLeish's leaders and went on: "I've seen a lot of big games and I think it will help you.

"You know you were in difficult places before you were successful.

"From your personal experience, the more you see it, the quieter it is.

"You know, that's what you have to do to live it.

"Everyone is different and is preparing for the game in a different way, but the boys do it individually and then join together to have the peace of mind and believe we can get the results.

"You know it's always hard to get away from home, especially where it's nowhere else.

"The atmosphere may be a bit different from European things, but the more you experience, the more you help as a player.

"The Celtic guys in the team will try to help other boys and Andy [Robertson] it also has a lot of going to different places.

"It's about trying to make use of this experience we have and trying to get it into the games.

"You are playing at the top level for your club and before you have had difficult tests.

"It's an international game, but we have tougher exams than this and against so-called larger nations.

"We played in some games.

"We were decent against Portugal before we have a half-time goal, and there are signs that the team is starting to gather. You have to try to use this experience as a team.

"We have to be better than we were on the last trip and we need results. It must be a big effort for all boys.

"We are in the stage when we need results.

"The players know this, the manager knows this and we look forward to these games."

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