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Carl Sargeant: Witness claims to have "lied to" the coroner

Carl Sargeant

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Carl Sargeant was found dead after he began investigating his behavior

Investigation witness Carl Sargeant may have lied to the coroner, he was told.

Mr. Sargeant, 49, was found hanged by his wife Bernadette on November 7 at his home in Connah's Quay, Flintshire.

Flintshire Deputy Chairman, Bernie Attridge, said he believed "the release of my friend".

But Cathy McGahey, a council for Carwyn Jones, said that Mr. Attridge seemed to have some "knowledge of the behavior that would make Mr. Sargeant anxious."

Mr. Sargeant was found dead four days after he was thrown out as a communist minister of the first minister.

Coroner John Gittins agreed to hear lawyers' requests for possible new evidence brought to bear by witnesses, including Flarshire Board Leader Aaron Shotton.

Mrs McGahey said, "Mr. Shotton has submitted a testimony that is in contradiction with some of Mr. Attridge's evidence.

"It seems to be a text message from Mr. Attridge Mr. Shotton on November 1, 2017 … and seems to refer to Mr. Sargeant.

"Mr. Attridge thinks he is listening to the bricks … It is said that Westminster deputies are exposed and it will not be long before AM is on the list."

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First Minister Carwyn Jones provided evidence in an investigation Wednesday

Mrs. McGahey said that Mr. Attridge said on Nov. 5 that the Labor Club had rumors about Mr. Sargeant and wanted to discourage people in the labor group from saying anything that would support him.

He then signaled, she said, Mr. Sargeant did something "that could lead to imprisonment."

"Mr. Attridge and Mr. Attridge will know exactly what he meant," she told the coroner, adding, "It seems that Mr. Attridge did not tell you the truth.

"You sign the statement of truth when you know something you say is not the truth, contempt by the court."

Mr. Gittins heard the attorney's request to submit this new proof, but he declined to say that he already had enough to carry out his work.

Earlier investigations heard the first minister, who warned Mr. Sargeant to "be cautious" because of behavior and drinking after the anonymous letter said he "is not suitable to be around women."

AM workers were accused of inappropriate behavior towards women, which denied.

The search has heard "tangible" complaints that happened weeks before he died.

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  • "Tangible" complaint against Sargeant

He left the letter that justifies his family and says, "I disappointed you."

The letter continued, "You deserve none of this publicity" for my actions. "

In an interview for an investigation in Ruthin in Denbighshire on Wednesday, Mr. Jones said that in 2014 he received an anonymous letter from someone in the electoral and electoral district of Mrs. Sargeant Alyn and Deeside.

"I recall the words," It's not good enough to be around women, "but the letter was anonymous, and I showed it to Carl," he said for the investigation.

Mr. Jones said he said to Mr. Sargeant in 2014: "You must know … be careful, obviously someone is following you."

The first minister also told him: "Be careful how you behave and how much you drink."

Mr. Jones said that Mr. Sargeant "was not an alcoholic", but the company he kept was "absolutely heavy drinking."

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Leslie Thomas QC questioned Carwyn Jones about how Carl Sargeant sanction was handled

He told the Coroner John Gittin that they had known each other since 2001 and had "never had a cult word", and it remained until the end of his life.

Mr. Jones did not know Mr. Sargeant suffered from depression or used antidepressants, the investigation was heard.

Asked when he first heard of the rumors of Mr Sargeant's behavior, he said, "Rumors are plentiful in politics, evidence is rare."

He did not know what it was, but he learned about them on October 18, 2017, the day he met senior advisers to discuss cabinet changes.

He wanted to see "evidence, not rumors". Asking what had changed, he said, "The catalyst was that we had names. As soon as the names were known, it was, in my opinion, an obligation to look further."

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He insisted that there had to be something written that later came from one of the two complainants who accused Mr. Sargeant of the Labor Party in October of the event of the summer of 2017 in October.

"At this point it was important to protect the anonymity of these complainants," Mr. Jones said.

He shot the coroner why he did not talk to Mr. Sargeant and said, "If I gave him more details in terms of the charge … he knew what those people were, and that was a risk I could not take."

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Carwyn Jones will resign as Deputy Prime Minister in December after calling the "darkest time"

Discussing the report sent by Mr Sargeant in the afternoon after he was released, the coroner suggested that Mr Sargeant should say the truth when he said he was removed for his personal conduct.

Mr. Jones said, "The information was not needed voluntarily … it was a milder way to do it."

The first minister spoke of "the feeling of fear that went in the morning … I lost my sleep," but it had to be ".

He said he did not tell Mr. Sargeant the details of the complaint because he "could not" but said the police were not involved.

Mr Sargeant's answer was "curious" because he said he "does not recognize" the allegations. "It's not a denial in politics," Mr. Jones said.

Tweet after release

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Twitter / @ carlsargeant1

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Carl Sargeant tweeted the message after being wiped out by the Welsh government four days before he died.

He did not feel the slogan and was "a little panicked, but not disturbed." When asked if his reaction had triggered alarm bells, Mr. Jones said, "There was no reason to doubt that he understood the consequences."

He advised him to talk to his trade unions about advice and "keep your head down". After Mr. Sargeant tweeted, the Welsh government had to carry out a "firefighting action."

"The print would speculate that Twitter is corrosive," he said.

Contrary to why he felt it necessary to answer Mr Sargeant's beating, he said, "Because of this tweet, media madness appeared, making all the allegations about Carl, which are not true."

The quest heard the sound of Mr. Jones, who spoke in BBC Wales news on November 6th, the day before Mr Sargeant died.

Mr. Jones used the words "incidents". Coroner asked him if he saw the difference between it and the word "charge".

He answered no, and said, "It is clear from this news report that the report is about the accusations."

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Leslie Thomas QC represents the family of Sargeants

Mr. Jones said the change was on Friday when Mr Sargeant was gone, and if he had been in the middle of the week, he would not have the support of his family.

Leslie Thomas QC, representing the Sargeant family, asked Mr Jones to tell Mr Sargeant in 2014 his life event and whether some people could feel vulnerable, which Mr Jones had agreed on.

The lawyer asked why he should be alerted to an anonymous letter sent to Mr. Sargeant in 2014. Mr. Jones felt he was right to let him know because the letter was also sent to Mrs Sargeant.

He did not talk to Mr. Sargeant about the 2016 complaint because "the complainant did not want me".

The investigation considered that Anne Jones was set up to act as a liaison between the group of work and Mr. Sargeant, and secondly a pastoral role.

Mr. Jones told Mr. Thomas that it was the afternoon after Mr Sargeant's appeal and added that it was not just a "political problem". Mr. Jones wanted Mr. Sargeant to take the lead.

Mrs. Jones, "wanted to make sure that Carl was alright and personal," he said.

Mr. Jones has said the investigation earlier that he intended to make the transition in November 2017 because he was discussing with AM, who left his side, as he wanted to offer another opportunity.

"Full discretion"

During the discussion, however, he received written "complaints" to Mr Sargeant. Previously, Mr. Jones characterized the story of Mr. Sargeant as a "touch", according to the evidence of one of his special advisers.

Mr Jones said after written allegations that came a few days before the November 3 changes: "They can not be ignored as part of the process of transformation."

Mr. Sargeant, who was considered as the head of the house, was thrown out on that day.

Mr. Jones confirmed that as the first minister he was "completely" appointed or relocated by his responsibility and had "complete discretion" over the cabin.

Earlier expert adviser to Mr Jones, Matthew Greenough, has been appealed for an investigation to clarify some of the evidence he gave on Tuesday, giving details of the timing of charges against Mr Sargeant.

"Tangible" complaints related to alleged incidents reported by women in courts such as Miss A and Miss B, which occurred in the summer of 2017.

These were reported through the Labor Party to Mr. Jones in October 2017. One of the two women who participated later made a written statement.

"Awareness about Mr. Sargeant

There were two separate charges in 2016, although one was in the form of an anonymous letter.

In the framework of the questioning, Mr Greenough agreed with the statement of one woman, known as Miss C, who could be brought in 2015 but learned of it until 2016.

He told the court that when there was a change in which Mr Sargeant lost his job, he was present in the room when Mr. Jones spoke to another minister except one.

He asked Mr. Gittins whether some information was mentioned about one of the women, Mr. Greenough said, "Not in my presence."

He told Sargeant legal adviser Leslie Thomas QC that he did not believe Mr. Jones could talk to someone without knowing it.

Special Adviser Jane Runeckles said that the debate on the changes began in the summer of 2017 between her "Matt and the First Minister".

When she spoke of the meeting on October 18, 2017, she confirmed that "rumors" appeared on Mr. Sargeant, but the investigation had heard that she was still considering the house's leader.

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Mr. Sargeant's body was found in the office of his house in Connah's Quay

Coroner said he was trying to understand how she might still be, to which she replied: "The first minister at that moment was quite clear that it was a peak.

This change was motivated by Mr Jones's commitment to bring one specific AM to the government and because he felt that some people were not given opportunities in previous governments, the investigation said.

However, Mr Greenough questioned Mr Sargeant, who received a written statement from one complainant on 1 November.

Mr. Gittins said: "This was a decisive factor when it came to his dismissal from the office.

Mrs. Runeckles replied "yes" and added that it would be difficult to postpone the change.

Coroner went on: "What we have here is a script …" I know Carl goes, and he has to go, let's go with "… no picture" relationship to these allegations being investigated … no one took a deep breath. "

Ms. Sargeant's brother, Andy, asked if Mrs. Runeckles did anything to support him, and said "no," and explained, "The whims of voters is something [politicians] you have subsided … you come to realize that you can become it. "

& # 39; Prepare Scene & # 39;

Mr Thomas has repeatedly questioned Mrs Runeckles at a meeting on 18 October, and any discussion of the superstitions of Mr. Sargeant, in particular in connection with the #MeToo movement and Westminster's "political fallout."

She told the court that she did not ask where the rumors came from and said they were not "relevant" that Mr. Thomas had attacked. She agreed to talk to Mr. Sargeant about this matter, but not.

Leslie Thomas QC asked if the change was "just the right way to try to mask" the situation around Mr. Sargeant.

"Definitely not," she replied.

Mr. Thomas asked Mr. Jones why, after Miss A and B's accusations in 2017 Miss C – who made her initial charges in 2016 – she was contacted to find out if she wanted to complain now.

He accused Mr. Jones of "setting up the scene" and "getting rid of" Mr. Sargeant.

"I could have removed Carllu from the cabinet for no reason," the First Minister replied.

He said he believes it is true that someone who came in 2016 should now be asked if they want to file a complaint.

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