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Game Of Thrones Reunion Special With Sean Bean – Final Season DVD

Sean Bean is reuniting with his Game of Thrones family on screen, though not in the way supporters of House Stark have been hoping. A special official reunion, featuring major members of HBO's dramatic cast (including Bean), was filmed in Belfast earlier this year and will be included as a special feature in an upcoming box set of the complete series, EW reports. It was previously believed that the HBO would be airborne, but the network has confirmed this to be untrue.

Speaking of Stark family reunions, we know that at least one member will be seen again before Thrones takes its final bow. According to visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer, Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost "has a fair amount of screen time" in Season 8. (Sorry, were you hoping for Lady Stoneheart? … So we were.)

Though an exact date has not yet been announced, we know that Game of ThronesThe eighth and final season will be premiered in April 2019. (The date, we assume, is encased in another block of ice.) The box set, complete with the aforementioned special reunion, will probably be released soon after the final airs.

Which other familiar faces, regardless of their characters' fate, do you hope to see in Thrones'Special reunion? And while we're at it, what are your hopes for the final season? Drop 'em all in a comment below.

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