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Heartbreaking true for a viral note written on a blackboard in the front room of your mom

A touching note on the blackboard caused a movement discussion about the tragic reality of loving someone with dementia.

The list that her daughter wrote to her elder mother contains comments like "nobody attacked" and "nobody will give anyone no money."

The mark was placed in a place where the woman would always see the first thing.

And, according to experts, it is a good way to calm those who suffer from memory loss.

Sharing the list on Reddit, the paper said, "The simple white board that stayed in her field of view in her living room helped reduce the constant anxious phone calls."

Many people commented on the list he thought he had come from Australia, "heartbreaking" and "sweet".

But most of the sign raised an open and frank conversation about how difficult it was to live with dementia suffering.

Many people commented that the list was "heartbreaking"

One said, "This is approaching home. In the last few years of my dad's life, we would have such conversations where he would be afraid of these things."

The other one said, "Wow, so powerful, such simple statements, but the very fact that this daughter has time to write shows how kind and thoughtful.

"How lucky my mother is."

One guardian wrote, "It's sweet but also heartbreaking.

"When I worked with many patients with dementia, I saw the constant fear that some of them would get and would not want it on my worst enemy.

"I wrote to patients very similar notes. It helps."

The label gave a frank conversation about living with dementia suffering [file image]

A complete list of thoughtful messages for her mum with dementia is here:

– Your meal is paid

– Are you OK

– You're not moving

– No one else moves

– Let me drink, it will help you

– You will not leave any money

– You did not destroy anybody

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