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Intelligent money is on Brexit that it will run again on the road to the Political News

In the debate about Brexit, choices are being made.

After another days, changes, procedures, brinkmanship and concessions, there was only one resignation – Minister Alberto Costa, who was obliged to resign after submitting his own amendment, which the government eventually accepted.

It could have been much worse today. By adopting major changes from Cooper-Letwin's amendments, however, the government also avoided the embarrassing checks on parliamentary activities that were taken over from its control.

So Members have the power to exclude any agreement. Every Member will now be forced to vote positively for this or against it, and not to hide behind the passive acceptance that no agreement is the default choice.

And since they can claim that government warnings of economic interference, border crossings, green cards, driving licenses, and travel with no impact are "Project Fear", these Members will be responsible if they become true.

The real question about the possible, plausible, currently very likely extension of the Article 50 process is how, why, and how long.

After stormy three days when the decision was forced by threatening resignation and reality of decay and averting, Westminster faces another group of Brexit's decisions – there are now acceptable ways of delay and a new referendum, but also the increased credibility of both these results could motivate rebel Tory Brexiters to make cash in their tokens and accepted a PM agreement.

The legal way to obtain an extension is through the ministerial authority to change the date of termination into national law, which was later changed to an EU proposal for withdrawal by the end of 2017 by Mr Oliver Letwin.

This can only be used to match the new exit date already concluded with the European Union under the provisions of Article 50. The EU27 should therefore be unanimously agreed.

So the words of French President Emmanuel Macron that the British can only change the date "if the new British election justifies it" and that "in any case, it will not accept the extension without a clear goal" has a matter.

PM would therefore have to ask Members for a short technical extension before the end of June. Or, think about changing a plan or a referendum for a long time.

In her argument for this option, she suggested that the first step could be taken without the holding of European parliamentary elections in late May, and if it did not happen to create a "sharper" border at the end of June, she could not participate if the EU did not take part in the election.

However, the legal status of avoiding elections for short extensions is also not certain and is subject to already planned legal challenges.

The real question is what the EU will ask if the United Kingdom seeks an extension. And perhaps a great step on this day of voting was indeed a complete rejection of the "alternative plan" of work for a comprehensive customs union.

Many voted less for this plan than last month. Launched a statement by the head of work on promoting public voting. It is now firmly on the table, although there are no figures in Parliament.

There are also no tradable deals. There are no traders. The referendum would match the bill as well as the election as well as the desire to negotiate a Norwegian style agreement.

However, key votes in the EU suggest that the lack of time for MEPs to agree to support this agreement will not suffice.

Meanwhile, businesses now have to consider reef planning at the end of next month, and car companies spent millions of formworks during the week and month in April as a mitigation, and may have to do the same at the end of June.

Government documents that do not participate have very little effect when encouraging individuals to apply for a driving license that is in no way necessary. A third of critical projects are not on their way. Only 40,000 of the 240,000 businesses that trade with the EU and need to register with the customs authorities in a situation where there are no agreements have done so.

Smart money must be, since this obviously exists that the can will be kicked again.

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