Is it time to panic in Real Madrid Madrid?

Despite the full European program that took place in the middle week with the seven Spanish teams, as well as the Copa del Rey bindings between the two sides of La Liga, there is currently a Spanish Football Interview: what the hell is going on Isco?

The Real Madrid star has fallen so far since Santiago Solari has taken care of the side he was left out of the team match together for the Real Madrid 2-0 Champions League victory in Rome on Tuesday night, though it is fully fit.

He did not make a match for Real Madrid from a humiliating 5-1 defeat, which struck last month in a Barcelona rival, a match that announced the end of the short and turbulent time of manager Julen Lopetegui. He has just three alternate performances under Solariem, a total of 78 minutes.

So what caused it to fall from favor so dramatically? After all, a couple of months ago she was the star of the party that just won her fourth title in the championship in five seasons.

Does it look like Solari? There were reports of tensions between Isco and the new coach, some of which suggested that the reason why he was dropped out of the team to face the Roma was due to a "lack of respect" towards the manager.

It is believed that they have gotten to the wrong foot, with Isco openly questioning Solari's methods in training soon in the Argentine managerial mandate.

In public, Solari rejected that there was some contradiction between the two states when he said the decision to leave him was taken for purely football reasons.

It seems quite unlikely. Is it certain that the player of Isco's quality, which, according to his manager's own admission, is well worth it, is it worth having at least such a potentially difficult European tie on the bench?

But maybe he is not as good as his manager says. Reports have been reported that, in fact, Isco's physical condition is that Solari has accepted an exception. When it came to his knowledge, Isco did not return for a long time from the seizure of appendicitis. His four-week absence coincided with the menacing form of the Real Madrid formation, which failed in any of five matches during his illness and lost four times.

Incomplete Isca was considered to be a key reason for the Madrid struggle at that time, and it was found that Lopetegui hurried him back in an attempt to change the wealth of the team. His return did not reach the desired impact and his quick returns probably contributed to his subsequent poor performance and lack of sharpness of consistency.

But his poor fitness was also attributed to some of the lack of effort in the training since Solari's arrival. Marcelo's post-game commentary that "you have to work" was sharp. Asking what Isco would give advice, the Brazilian added, "I'm not saying it is not, but it's football, you see where you failed and done the better."

As a result, it was clear that they were damaged. For a long-time teammate who publicly suggests that he is not working hard enough, there is not a good look.

Of course, another potential reason for omitting Isca could only be that he does not fit into Solari's plans. The current boss prefers Dani Ceballos in reserve and leading three Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Lucas Vázquez and works for him overall – Saturday's surprise 3-0 beat Eibar aside, Real Madrid has won every game since replacing Lopetegui.

If they have results, is there any reason to change it?

One absolute certainty is that it will now be subject to unlimited transmission reputation. If he continues to be omitted, he may wish to leave and the club may also want to sell.

There is no shortage of suitors, and Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are all credited with interest.

Most Madrid fans would apologize for seeing a favorite talented Spanish player, but if the current situation continues, there is probably no alternative.

At the age of 26, Isc's phenomenal ability should come to his peak. He can not afford to be on the bench or on the stalls. Regardless of the reason for his absence from the party, whether it is a dispute with a manager, lack of competence or application, or simply a manager's tactical preference, it needs to be resolved soon – either to stay with Solari new grazing.

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