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ITV Hatton Garden wins spectators with dramatic finals

ITV broadcast the last episode of its four-part miniseries Hatton Garden tonight (May 23) and the dramatic ending eventually won over the audience.

The drama that told the true story of robbery 2015, which saw older thieves give up £ 14 million, was criticized for being "slow" earlier in the week, but those who watched at home had a slight change in heart after seeing. crafty old robbers get their coming.

Hatton Garden Heist


Having previously split into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company, they stole millions of cash and gems and cleverly stored them in the nightclubs, today's scenes opened with tracking teams.

The Gang made a very professional raid, but now they were arguing about who should get the proceeds.

Hatton Garden


In the final closing scenes, Perkins (Timothy Spall) and reader (Kenneth Cranham) were seen bickering over the latter being directed in agreement. And that is when the police burst into Perkins' living room full of money and arrested everyone.

The audience soon praised the drama, even though they admitted it took some time to get there.

One person tweeted: "After a slow start and the second half, #HattonGarden on @itv was a good watch that the production team undoubtedly went through many hoops to get into the air."

While another wrote: "I enjoyed it after the first relatively slow episode."

Hatton Garden broadcasts to ITV.

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