Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are desperately trying to “stay in the spotlight” as interest wanes Royal | News

The Republic is an organization that fights for the abolition of the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II to be replaced by a democratically elected head of state. Graham Smith, CEO of, said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would try to keep people interested in them as their “claim to fame” stay with the royal family began to wane.

Mr Smith said: “I think Meghan and Harry are clearly desperate to stay in the spotlight.

“They want to do it on their own terms, in a way.

“The problem is that their only claim to fame was royal.

“Because they left, interest in them will decline in the next few years.

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“They will try to keep people interested because they really have nothing to offer.”

However, Richard Fitzwilliams told that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had something to offer.

In response to the Republic’s comments, the royal commentator said:

“It focuses on the future in America while maintaining some British sponsorship and community role.

He added: “Harry will support her and continue her role with Invictus and charity work in areas such as mental health, if the pandemic allows.

“Maybe in the future, he may go into politics, who knows.

“If I fundamentally disagree, the interest in them will wane, it certainly won’t be globally in the United States either.

“As Graham admits, it’s mainly because they’re royal, fascination, we know how much they hate media intrusion, but it’s because the reader is interested.

“They have a global reach and it will continue.”

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