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Monster Monster Kids Monster converts all player accounts into Epic •

Developer Pheonix Labs has announced that this year will transfer all of his existing bills for his free Dauntless play hunter to the Epic Games Store and that all players will require Epic sign-in to continue playing.

According to Phoenix Labs's most frequent inquiries in this matter, the Dauntless account migration will start as soon as possible, and once the process is complete, the existing game launcher will be canceled, players who do not currently have an Epic Games account will have to log in to the migration process first and at this point it seems that their Dauntless accounts will be automatically transferred, but those who will have to link their Dauntless and Epic accounts together by hand closer to launch through the official website of the game.

As explained by Phoenix Labs, they should be converted and integrated into the Epic account infrastructure, current players status, friends list, guilds and platinum (Dauntless in the game room). However, those players who prefer to avoid Epic Games are unlucky. The developer writes that "Migrating your account is the only way to ensure that all your progress from Dauntless will go beyond the launch of the Epic Games console and store."

While in the last few months, Epic has seen aggressive and controversial stunning deals that have secured a number of significant exclusive features for its new business – including Ashen, Division 2 and Metro Exodus – it seems that the Dauntless transition is different. In her contribution to discuss the upcoming switchover, Phoenix Labs said she wanted to make cross-play between PC, PS4 and Xbox One as a key factor in this step. This stems from Epic's announcement last year that the platform originally created for Fortnite would be free for all developers.

Dauntless is currently officially launched in Epic Games, PS4 and Xbox One in April. The version for mobile phones and switches is scheduled to release before the end of the year.

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