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Secondary School CS: GO accidentally ended in the Rainbow Six tournament

Since its launch in 2015, the Rainbow Six Siege has developed a fairly successful esport scene. The Pro League has several veteran organizations, while the final – held in Brazil – saw teams from around the world fighting for $ 275,000. That's why the last participants of the Dreamhack Winter tournament are so surprising this weekend.

Today, Reddit user EmilBerglund has been sent to Rainbow Six Siege with a record titled "I think I'm a professional." User is Counter-Strike: A Global Offensive Player who competes for the Norwegian People's Second High School's fourth division is the Telenorliga esports league.

EmilBerglund and his team head to Dreamhack in winter in Stockholm, where they were going to compete in the open tournament CS: GO. For some fun, they also decided to join the Open Rainbow Six tournament qualifiers, which also took place at the event. None of them play the game so much, but "we signed up and laughed about it, we think we will behave the same way."

At least that was a plan, but it is not. The tournament, which aims to introduce G2 Esports, Penta, and Team Liquid, would challenge these big organizations against four amateur teams of these open qualifications. Unfortunately, there were not enough teams to qualify to run the entire tournament.

What does the EmilBerglunda – Minigolfgutta – mean to fill one of the stadium's stadium spots. In his post, Reddit said that "our captain got a phone call from one of the tournament players" and said he would not qualify due to the lack of team teams. "Then he told us that instead we would have to compete for the tournament for."

The teams are very experienced when it comes to the FPS Valve – when I talked to him, he told me "we all have 2000+ hours and we play every day." Conversely, some of them barely know what they are doing when it comes to Rainbow Six. One player has a respectable 500 hours, while another has about 100, meaning that both have a reasonable knowledge of maps and operators. Emil Berglund himself has about 30 hours, but he told me he has not played since the start of the game. The last two players, however, have "three hours in the game and do not know what they are doing." I repeat that these are people who play in the professional Rainbow Six tournament.

Minigolfgutta "hopes some target transfers from Counter-Strike to siege," so one-on-one gunfights are a little more fair. But when I asked if they would try to get some exercise before the tournament, I was told that there was simply no time – the team's computers are already busy to travel to the event. He says "the only thing is to watch WATERS and talk to people who know the game […] at this point we will accept all the tips and tricks we can get. "

The tournament has a $ 50,000 prizepool, with winners at home winning $ 25,000, as well as a place on the sixth invitation in 2019. I think it's fair to say that the Minigolfgutta will not get that far, but on the opportunity to get into the first round, they will go home with $ 1,000 between them. It's not bad for three hours of play.

If you plan to keep up with what you use (I know I'm doing), you can check out the tournament on the Rainbow Six Siege Twitch page at 13:00 GMT on Friday, November 30th.

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