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Sunstorm RECEIVING: Experts in space weather warn of BIG ONE heading to Earth TOMORROW | Science News

On the surface of the upper atmosphere of the sun a massive hole opened and released a space beam barrier. Scientists say the arrival of the storm is caused by a terrible solar minima. The sun follows cycles of about 11 years when it reaches the solar maximum and then the solar minimum.

During sunshine, the sun produces more heat and is full of sunspots. Fewer heat in the solar low is caused by a drop in magnetic waves.

However, before the solar minima begins, the sun usually releases the mega sun flares that are released into the deep universe.

This hole in the sun opened for the first time in the summer of 2018 and has since buried Earth with cosmic rays since then.

The Space Weather space web site said: "During the solar low, the long-lasting openings open up in the solar atmosphere to release solar winds into the universe, and one of those openings is now facing Earth and it's big.

"We've seen this hole, opened in the summer of 2018 and turned around when the sun was spinning, pinning the Earth with solar wind about once a month.

"The solar wind will return on January 31 or (probably) on February 1."

The thunderstorm was classified as G-1, which means it is likely to cause a polar glow in the northern or southern hemisphere – depending on where it goes.

While this solar storm is not the end of civilization, Met Office warns that we will be faced with a monumental solar storm in the future that could discard British technology and pay the United Kingdom's £ 16bn prize.

The country could be interrupted because it is not sufficiently prepared for strong storms, ministry officials said.

The scientific prediction believes that the UK does not have enough infrastructure to prepare for such an event.

Met Office's researcher said: "We've found that for one 100-year event, without the possibility of space weather forecasting, the UK Gross Domestic Product may be more than £ 15.9 billion.

"With the existing satellites near the end of their lives, the forecast will decline in the coming years, so if there is no further investment, critical infrastructure will become more vulnerable to space weather."

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