The Google Pixel 3 error prevents the camera from working

Owners of the latest Google smartphone, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, report a worrying problem with Pixel Community Forum and Reddit cameras.

The news began to come at the end of October and some said the problem is when users try to use the camera in another application, such as a social media application or a banking application that allows you to take snapshots to save them. When it returns to the main camera application in Pixel 3, the camera application displays an empty screen, or there is a warning that the camera has experienced a "fatal error."

This is problematic, especially for Pixel 3, which has the best camera on any smartphone. Pixel's Google phones are one of three main pillars that make the device so desirable, including launching a "clean" version of Android and receiving Android updates as soon as Google releases them. Most Android phones can not boast the best camera, the best version of the operating system and receive timely updates in one package.

Hollis Johnson / Business Insider

Pixel 3 users usually said they tried to restart and factory reset their devices without success, but some said the restart of the phone was working to repair the camera.

Recent recent Android updates also do not seem to solve the problem, and some believe it could even cause a problem.

Some users could get replacement devices from Google, while others did not. For those who received a replacement device, the problem with the camera did not return.

One of the members of the Pixel Community Forum said Google had refused to change the device by specifying the error code, and that the problem would be corrected soon, indicating that it was a software bug rather than hardware.

Google Community Pixel Community community community managers have acknowledged that Google is familiar with this issue and some users have reported that Google support has also acknowledged this problem and that repairs are under way. Business Insider asked for comments and tips for the users who touched the issue but did not immediately listen.

Since its launch in October, Google Pixel 3 has already encountered errors, including bugs that have faded pictures and text messages, and an error that prematurely shut down applications running in the background.

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