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The ultraviolet digital video camera turns off

Ultraviolet, which is one of the first experiments in the entertainment industry to create a comprehensive digital cabinet service, ends on July 31 according to Variety. Users should link their libraries with the service of at least one vendor, which can then be accessed on their films and TV shows after shutdown.

The ultraviolet days have been numbered since Disney, the only significant Hollywood studio that did not join, started in 2017 with the extended service of Anywhere Castle. Not only did it provide broad studio support but could be associated with large digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, unlike ultraviolet radiation.

Walmart's Vudu, the largest vendor that supports Ultraviolet (and later Anywhere films), issued a statement to alleviate the concerns of those who feared closing the cloud-based cabinet.

"Customers who use Vudu to watch, rent or buy movies and TV shows will not be affected by the breakdown of the Ultraviolet platform," Vudu VP Scott Blanksteen said in a statement Variety. "These customers will continue to enjoy the Vudu content as it was and continue to access all the movies and TV shows they have stored in their Vudu library, even after shutting down the Ultraviolet service."

Ultraviolet claims more than 30 million users who store more than 300 million movies and TV shows in their cabinets. Wendy Aylsworth, President of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Consortium (DECE), commissioned by Ultraviolet, said Variety users will be informed about shutdown on Thursday.

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