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This anti-vaxx mum asked how to protect my toddler from measles – and people can not believe it

Mom, who has recently sought help in finding alternative ways to protect her baby from measles on the Facebook page against vaccination, is called "irresponsible."

The unnamed woman published on the Facebook page, entitled "Anit-Vaxx Community Natural Health", the following:

My 3 year old is not vaccinated and my measles is present in my condition. Any suggestions for preventive measures that I can take to protect it would be highly valued.

Her remarks come from the fact that the measles outbreak is spread across the American Southwest, including the Washington state.

Public health officials are trying to spread the spread because their parents refuse to vaccinate their children.

One child was hospitalized and most patients – at least 35 were diagnosed with a virus in Oregon and Portland – are under 10 years of age.

In response to her question, many respondents responded with humor and others with harsh criticism.

"Measures?" One person wrote on Facebook. "Do not touch the baby too much."

Another man joked darkly:

Unvaccinated babies are like dark humor … they never shrink.

Other people have accused their mother of threatening her child and other children by choosing not to wait.

My son is autistic … and vaccinated. What … is so bad with an autistic child that you'd rather put your and the children of other people at risk. Well, I'll be here with my autistic son listening to his interesting stories … and you, the anvaks, can listen to your children.

And she pointed out the best way to protect her baby from measles … to get her baby vaccinated.

Analisa Remmick wrote:

I have it! You could expose it to a weakened or inactive form of the virus so that its immune system is better able to recognize and fight the current virus it will inevitably get into contact with, reducing the likelihood of her illness.

Oh wait.

People also criticized Mummy for accepting Facebook, no doctors, for advice.

"Post on Facebook," Shane Jay wrote sarcastically under this request.

Do NOT use a doctor in any way. Facebook is the most reliable source of medical information – particularly with regard to vaccine science. #God bless.

People did not push their punches into their mummies.

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