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Where Golden Golden Balloons pop •

Finding Golden balloons is one of Fortnite's many weekly challenges.

Completion Pop golden balloons will give you additional XPs to help you earn many awards for the season 7.

If you're just starting out, Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide you with useful advice.

Fortnight Balloon places

Although you need to find 10 locations, fortunately there are many more on the map.

Here are 10 that we have found so far – enough to complete the challenge.


More detailed are Golden Ballon locations:

Tomato Temple, at the top of the structure in the northwest:


On the northern edge of the map, to the west of the river and beyond the rock:


Desert oasis, on a boat in the middle:


East of palm paradise, on the wheelchair in the middle of the yard:


West of Lucky Landing, behind the mountain at the edge of the cliff:


In a cave in the south of the frozen area, who appeared to have dropped a hole in the middle of the trees and inside the hut inside:

Frosty flights, halfway sign:


The eastern part of the village of Viking, next to the campfire beside the crooked path down:


Motel east of Junk Junction, within the brand:


Lonely Lodge, at the base of the Ranger Tower in the south:


You can unlock the Fortnite Season 7 and emotes with every weekly Fortnite Challenges – including the latest

sunshade, an overflowing cup of coffee and giant dogs, new Showtime Poster look-ups, and time-tested test sites.

Other recent additions include Fortnite sites and locations in the Battle Star secret sites.

How can you pop the Pop Golden Balloons?

For the week 9 challenges, do the following:

  • Pop Golden Balloons (10, 10 Battle Stars)

There are golden balloons over the map. Unlike finding Chilly Gnomes and Forbidden Sites, these places are located on the map and are the easiest to find.

Unlike the Chilly Gnomes, Golden Balloons will not make the sound when you come close to them. However, they are easy to see from the middle distance, especially because they are on the tip.

Even with these knowledge some are very hidden, so knowing the specific places – which are described in the first half of this page – will help.

When you find one, you have to describe it. You can do so by shooting a gun or by hitting it with an ax. If you do, it will disappear and add to your total amount.


Do it a total of ten times to complete this challenge. As with other challenges, you have to do this while playing matches (you can not enter the map without other players), so you must avoid fighting meetings when trying to locate each location.

When you're done, there are plenty of other challenges you should take this week – so play!

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