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A woman with dementia fired away from home in California, says the family

Hospitals accused of "dumping" of a senior woman

A California woman says the Long Beach hospital has placed her mother in Alzheimer's disease, in a taxi, and then drove her out in the middle of the night outside where she lives. Costanza Zerbi says Alzheimer's disease leaves her mother with the cognitive ability of a small child and can not stay alone. So she says when she saw that the security record of the 84 year old Saviny Zerbi who was trying to get into her medical facility was heartbreaking.

"It's really sad, I think, it's the mum who was driving a year ago," said CBS Los Angeles. She said, "It's like taking a baby and kissing him in the middle of the night. It's crazy, he's a criminal."

The College Medical Center in Long Beach has issued a statement that Savina Zerbi insists she is at home and that she will comply with all patient expulsion regulations.

Security shots show that Savina attempted to open the front door of the Regency Palms Memory House on 13.17 pm on January 13. She is also seen walking through the aisle and repeatedly returning to the door before she enters, though she is not sure how she eventually entered.

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Costanza Zerbi said the hospital knew her mother was suffering from Alzheimer's disease and should have alerted her when she was released. She says her mother was extremely disturbed the night she came to the hospital. After spending four hours in emergency room she was told that Savina would be admitted. The daughter then went home and hours later she got a call from Regency Palms that her mother was back.

"My mom is lucky not to turn or to kidnap or hurt," she said.

According to state records, regulators who supervised hospitals across the state found five shortcomings last year at the College Medical Center. For a hospital of the size – 121 beds – average shortcomings found in one year are no more than two, reports CBS LA. State officials say it is an active investigation of what has happened.

Costanza Zerbi received the word that she would meet colleagues at the College Medical Center to discuss the incident.

"I hope they apologize," she said.

She says it is possible that her mother insisted she had gone home alone, but the hospital knew she had Alzheimer's disease and the doctors said her mother was in no way able to decide herself.

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