AI faithfully creates images using 3D printing

RePaint works on dozens of different transparent inks in thin layers, with AI predicting the ideal tray needed to create the intended colors. The team also fed up artistic images to help determine what colors are needed in specific areas of painting and to adapt the changes in lighting conditions to ensure consistency. Technology also relies on halftone (where you create images with ink points), making it more suited to colors.

This technology can not re-create surface texture and reflection, so you will not have the matte or glossy appearance of some images. And surely you will not get to a masterpiece of the size of the Louvre soon – the output is currently the size of the postcard. If and when it will be a scale, RePaint could have a large appeal. You could have a more authentic Monet or Van Gogh replica in the house, while museums can protect valuable originals by displaying reproductions at any time.

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