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Anthony Davis has removed from the New Orleans Pelicans list a hype video

NEW ORLEANS – The presence or lack of Anthony Davis was unmistakable on Wednesday when the Pelikans played Denver Nuggets, the first home game for the team after Davis's business request became public Monday.

Davis was absent almost through the entire team of preliminary revelation and was removed from the film of the entire Pelicans film with the slogan "Do It Big" at the end of the video.

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Davis, who is still in for a finger fracture, sat mostly unobtrusively at the end of the bench during the game, joined the huddles time limit and encouraged his teammates. The tone in the arena was predominantly lukewarm, with some scattered signs and maybe even a supportive support for Jrue Holiday, who was loudly enthused at the opening of the show. When Davis emerged from the tunnel before the match, a few fans were angry, but it was hardly noticeable. One fan held a sign near the Pelicans bench that read "AD, LeBron will not love you like us."

Davis has not spoken publicly from his request for a trade but is expected to be given to journalists after Friday's team training. In the coming days, he has to return from the wound, but when asked if Davis will play another game for permission, he will not be convinced of Pelicans Coach Alvin Gentry.

"It's hard to answer," he said. "I really do not know how to answer it, I suppose it will be. It's something that will of course be discussed about what is best for him and what is best for our team."

Team owner Gayle Benson turned to team up in the dressing room and congratulated players on defeating missiles on Tuesday. Later in this victory, Davis worked in the clubs, spoke to Gentry and coaching assistants. Despite the obvious discomfort of the situation, Gentry said it was usually usual.

"That's not embarrassing at all," said Gentry. "I think if you ask every guy in the cloakroom, he'll tell you the same, he's the same guy who asked to be traded, but he's the same guy, he does not feel any different at all, it's one of those a thing that we will have to manage as an organization, and we have to handle it as an individual, and we'll get through the whole thing.

"AD is a good guy," he said. "Good, solid kid, boys in the dressing room, obviously like him and he likes, nothing has changed from coaching, it was his right to ask for one thing we can not do as coaches and players and as a team, that we can not allow it to be an excuse for us or two, it has affected how we think or what we are trying to do. "

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