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Apple Bans Distribution of internal Facebook apps

A major innovation in the technology industry yesterday was a secret Facebook app that paid teenagers in exchange for their data. TechCrunch announced that the company had registered users aged 13-35 for the Facebook Research secret application, which allowed them to access the user's privacy.

Facebook quickly announced the end of the program after the reaction.

And it has come to a much bigger problem: Apple. Apple reportedly banned distributing iOS applications in Facebook by Recode. The company can not currently distribute internal, early versions of its applications, such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, to developers and employees.

Reason? Well, Facebook has actually used Apple Developer Enterprise for Facebook Research. And this program is only for internal distribution of applications – not for research purposes, or for paying users in exchange for their privacy. That's right, Apple is very upset.

"We have designed our Enterprise Developer Program for internal distribution of apps within the organization, and Facebook uses its membership to distribute a data collection application to consumers, a clear violation of their agreement with Apple." Every developer who uses his company certificates to distribute applications customers will have their certificates canceled, which we have done in this case to protect users and their data, "the company said in a statement.

The company has now revoked Facebook developer certificates, which means that Facebook can no longer distribute any other internal applications to employees – including Research, of course. It is not clear whether Facebook will be allowed back into the program with new certificates and whether Apple decides to change it.

For Facebook, it's a big problem. The company has used the Enterprise Developer Program to distribute early versions of its applications to developers and employees, and is the main way the company has tested new features. Continuing ahead, if Apple does not change its mind and does not provide new Facebook certificates, the company will have a lot of trouble distributing these new features internally before making them available to the public. And that could actually slow the development of Facebook products.

Given Apple's commitment to privacy recently, it is unlikely that the company leaves it behind. Facebook and Apple do not have a very good relationship and this latest incident is exacerbating the situation.

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