Black Friday's Pixel 3 entertainment offerings show that it's better to wait

If you can keep your nerve even longer, you can take Cyber ​​Monday to help you get a free home hub and $ 50 you can spend at the Google Store when you buy the latest pixels. Since these products dropped last month, there is a moral story; patience will eventually pay off. In fact, the Home Hub (smart camera sansa) is just getting in the way of people. It's not a word about shopping for beginner adopters, which is a bit downward for Google fans.

Like their predecessors, Pixel 3 and 3XL have their fair share of the problems, including bugs that have added more flaws to the larger flagship, vanishing photographs and fading texts. Google quickly released repairs, but eventually awaits owners.

Many of Black Friday's savings also include other Google gadgets and brands: The Nest Learning Thermostat gets a $ 70 price cut, Google's $ 50 home page, and Google's $ 300 Pixelbook.

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