British tourist masses of contract spread after a cat bite in Morocco

Rabat – Public Health of England (PHE) released a declaration, warning passengers to avoid contact with animals while traveling to racially affected countries.

PHE said in its statement that "there is no risk to the wider public in this case, but as a precautionary measure, health professionals and close contacts are evaluated and, if necessary, offered vaccination."

Explains how rabies float, and stresses that people can be affected by injuries such as biting and scratching the animal with rabies.

"If you are strangling, scratching or licking an animal, you must wash the wound or the place of exposure with plenty of soap and water and seek immediate medical attention," he said. a quote from the head of Immunizations at PHE Mary Ramsay.

The statement delivered rabies common in several parts of the world, "especially in Asia and Africa.

In Morocco, the number of people who have raped has moved from 43 in 1985 to 15 years in 2017.

Infectious disease can be found in dogs, cats and other mammals.

In case of rabies, the affected patient should vaccinate rabbits as soon as possible after vaccination with the animals to avoid infection. Injuries should also be washed for at least 5 minutes with soap, water and detergent.

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