Californian Democratic Chief to Search for Alcohol Abuse Treatment After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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According to Dennis Romero

Californian Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman, who has already said he will be looking for alcohol as a result of a recent sexual abuse investigation.

The announcement was a response to several allegations of sexual abuse that had been published earlier in the Los Angeles Times. Among the accused is a woman who said she was temporarily working for the party during the election season when Bauman asked if she was sleeping with another worker.

"I felt very embarrassed, almost shy and uncomfortable," said Grace Leekley. "I am basically a workers' crew – and the most powerful man at a party."

The accusation came because the influential state party was riding a festive wave after a historic performance in Orange County during mid-November elections in November. Once the cornerstone of the GOP, the county is now fully represented by Democrats in Congress.

Without confirmation or denial of allegations, Bauman said in his statement: "I deeply regret that my behavior has caused the pain of one of the excellent people with whom I had the privilege to work, and I appreciate the courage that these give to their stories."

He added, "I take the time to go on vacation to get medical treatment immediately to deal with serious and lasting health problems and start treating what I now realize is a problem with alcohol."

Last year, when Bauman fought for his post, he faced allegations that he had engaged in inappropriate behavior with adolescent boys. At the time, Bauman, the first party-gay party chairman, said he was "accused" of the charges.

Deputy Chairman Darak Larimore-Hall first made the last round of charges and urged Bauman to resign.

Associated Press contributed.

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