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Corsi seeks to offend against Mueller, DOJ, asks lawyers to file a "criminal complaint"

Conservative writer Jerome Corsi, accused of oathing to investigators of a special lawyer Robert Mueller, yesterday instructed his legal team to file a criminal complaint against Mueller's Special Legal Attorney and the Department of Justice, which concerned prosecutorial misconduct.

Corsi, who was not exactly about alleged misuse of powers, said in a tweet that he had retained Larry Klayman, the founder of the conservative guardian. Later he left and founded Freedom Watch. Bloomberg has announced that Klayman represents Roy Moore in Alabama in defamation against comedian Sach Baron Cohen and CBS Corp.

Corsi on Tuesday told Fox News "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday that Mueller investigators had accused him of lying after "not giving them what they wanted." He worked another Wednesday on "Hannity".

"My experience has clearly shown me that political criminals are led by the Justice Department and Mueller's prosecution," he said. "I was ridiculed, my testimony laughing, yawning on it, mistaking me and blaming me for being a liar and a fool."

The author believed the investigators were hoping to join the connection with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Links would support their Russian secret investigation, he said. Links between Corsi and Assange would make it easier for former Trump President Trump's Trump Roger Stone, he said.

Corsi refused an agreement with the investigators who would require him to believe he was guilty. He said he could not lie about something he knew was fake, even if it meant living in jail.

The draft lawsuit, which was drawn up as part of an unsatisfactory proposal by Corsi to provide more media, stated that Corsi in August 2016 told Trump's advisor to Stone that WikiLeaks intended to disclose information harmful to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Corsi, former head of the Washington office at InfoWars, said he "discovered that Assange had Podesta's emails." "That's what I thought, and I told Roger Stone, and in August I told many people, and it happened that I was right."

DOJ did not respond immediately to an email from Fox News.

Bloomberg announced that Klayman had said in e-mail that he was about to file a complaint with Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and two units in the DOJ.

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