Do you want to replace Stan Lee with Deadpool? That's a scary idea


No one other than Stan Lee could deliver a package to Tony STANK.

Video screenshot from Gael Fashingbauer Cooper / CNET

When Stan Lee died this week at the age of 95, many fans kindly remembered Marvel Comics legends and his an angry comeos in Marvel movies. (Lee as a FedEx supplier looking at "Tony STANK" may be my favorite forever.)

It was soon talked about what would be the other friends of Lee Camel in future movies. (There are some to watch.)

But in a world where we can not leave anything, it's also buzzing that someone else, perhaps Deadpool, will replace Lee to make future MCU portraits.

Marvel did not say anything about it. It's all fanfare. But if it rises, it is clear that this idea is just as bad as pushing a parking space from Hulk.

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Every movie by Stan Lee Marvel is coming


One contributor to Reddit started this idea nicely, suggesting that Deadpool, Mercenary's mouth played by Ryan Reynolds, appears in Lee instead. And other fans twisted this idea when they said that Deadpool should wear Lee's round sunglasses along with a gray wig and mustache. Steal the line from Deadpool himself: "You are a clown, you are not a clown? I have a clown feeling." And to steal another line, probably the likely angry figure probably said "No @ #!%! ^ # Way".

It's a fun idea, but it's a fun idea, maybe for an editorial cartoon, as Lee touches St. Peter at the gates in the sky with a Spider-Man strap or costume superheroes standing around Lee's coffin.

Lee's portraits, like Alfred Hitchcock in front of him, were tiny moments in the complex film universe. While I remember this week repeatedly, I was surprised at how short some of them are. Some, like Tony Stank, were a little longer, but sometimes they were literally in the crowd, the background character that rewarded the eyes of the fans.

When it turns out that Deadpool appears in Tane Lee, he lifts the audience from a carefully crafted universe. Deadpool on a wig would never be just a guy on the game tables or a man on the street. It was always a reminder that Lee made these portraits, and now he's gone, and here's an absurd way to remember him.

Anyone who knew Lee was contributing to the world would probably be a little sad or at least nostalgic. Anyone who would not know would be puzzled: Why did this mouth figure suddenly appear, say Wakanda, standing there in a gray wig and sunglasses?

It's not that such a camera was intended for bad taste, just that they were part of Lee and Lee himself. Not everything can or should be remodeled and reprocessed indefinitely. With great power comes the great responsibility that he will not come back and stop everything.

Sometimes it is necessary to lay amusement concepts, whether it be a character or a story or a story, along with those who owned them. From the FedEx driver to Larry King, Lee supplied his stones with a unique edge that is as irreplaceable as he. It's one Marvel actor that can not be reworked.

"Nuff said.

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