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Higher Sports: 5 Ways to Get Oklahoma Around the New Horns Down Dungeon During The Big 12 Championships

Big 12 stood up.

At some point this season – most notably in the victory of West Virginia over Texas on November 3 – the conference decided that it would no longer be allowed for the opponents to flash their hands down.

This is an old idea of ​​Mack Brown It will will be forced on Arlington on Saturday when the Sooners and the Longhorns meet at the Big 12 Championship.

Fans on both sides of the aisle should be boomerangi because they are limiting one of the things that make so high competition in college football: interviewing garbage. Yet it is the reality we are in. So in the spirit of help, there are five alternatives to the traditional downhill corners that Oklahoma could put on Saturday:

Uniform settings

Oklahoma uniforms get updated with Jordan Brand this season, but there may be a way for Oklahoma to further lean on the Horns Down phenomenon.

As Twitter users have consistently pointed out for many months, the Jordan Brand logo looks suspiciously similar to Horns Down. Here is an example:

So with that in mind, would it really be a lot of departure to change the Jordan Brand logo for the real Horns Down sign? Here are some pros and cons:



Bring a new honorary captain

Oklahoma kept himself with the same group of captains throughout the year, so it's time for something to change.

One of the current captains of the OU – my nomination is attacking lineman Ben Powers – should bring a long horse to coin throw, and then, just like everyone is going to shake hands, turn the heat upside down. Explain that he is called Sam Ehlinger Sr. and that he is there to get his golden hat.

This way you set the tone for the game during the coin toss (on you, Kansas). If officials still decide to penalize Sooners for literally turning their horns upside down, they would at least get money.

Join the band: Okay. Cool, Hook & amp; em

What better way to set the tone for the second half than having The Pride of Oklahoma a bit of a laugh? My suggestion: Get them into a formation that explains the famous phrase: "Ok, Cool, Hook & Em" but with a twist: Turn the emoji horns upside down.

We are about to ignore the sad origin of this phrase and focus on the memo that has grown over the last few weeks. Last time, Texas Quarterman Sam Ehlinger used it to respond to Kyle Murray's "no comment" when asked if he respected Ehlinger's play.

The lack of ambiguity of both sides is a good reaction from Ehlinger. But that does not mean they should no longer use it as publicly as possible.

Plot! Horns up

Spin zone! When Oklahoma scores, he should proudly throw Horns Up to celebrate. Everyone will know that they do it ironically, but the officials will not be able to do anything about it. It's a crazy plan that will provide you with injustice.

Then perhaps Ehlinger decides for a question that has long been unresponsive: Is it less unfortunate that you light up or you openly scoff at your opponent's edge?

He has some experience with OU's Horns Up giving him a good look at both sides of this very important and sensitive issue.

Evaluate enough points, do it anyway

All these other methods would attract some attention, but no one would be as effective as throwing corners. Mostly because it would probably mean that the game is out of reach and the 15-yard penalty is approaching the end result.

This kind of defiance and malignity is the thing that Twitter wants to spread and bring back some of the moxies left in Cleveland in April.

The most interesting subplot: At what point would Lincoln Riley hypothetically give his boys a green light? During the last Red River Showdown, we saw that even three touch lines are not necessarily safe in the fourth quarter. Does it need to be beatdown in 2003 (65-13)? Or will 2011 be sufficient (55-17)?

But mainly, Oklahoma should throw the corners down, because the harmless garbage of this nature is exactly what makes college football rivalry great. If Big 12 does not understand, then it's up to them.

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