Jeff Bezos says: "Amazon fails"

Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, gave an amazing entrance to a meeting of all hands last week, which was heard by CNBC.

With a company worth only $ 1 trillion and Bezos, who is the richest man in modern history, Amazon's CEO said his 24-year-old firm is far from invincible.

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"Amazon is not too big to fail … I actually predict that Amazon will fail one day." "Amazon will fail." "When you look at big companies, their lifetime is usually 30 years, not a hundred plus years," said Bezos allegedly when he turned to the question that Sears had recently gone bankrupt.

While history shows that no empire endures forever, it is unusual for any CEO – especially the chief of one of the most successful companies in the world – to talk to his business in such unspoken ways.

Bezos said the goal is to keep the inevitable for as long as possible – and the way to do it was to focus on customers.

"If we focus on ourselves, instead of concentrating on our customers, it will be the beginning of the end … We must try to keep this day as long as possible," he said.

Several Amazon employees who spoke to CNBC on condition of anonymity said that government regulation and potential anti-trust rule violations are "great concerns" when they look at the future of the company.

"It's a fact that we are a big company," Bezos said in a record he heard from CNBC. "It is sensible to explore large institutions of any kind, whether they are societies or governments."

Amazon announced this week that it will expand to two new locations for its second headquarters, called "HQ2", which will mean an increase of around 50,000 employees.

Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider's comments.

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