Last night: Kemba Walker's attachment

"This is my thing!"

Such was the remorse of Kemba Walker to the euphoric home crowd after finishing Celtics Monday, with his ridiculous 3-pointer giving the Hornets an unbeatable lead in the last minute on the way to winning the match 117-112.

This decade gave Walker 21 points in the fourth quarter and 43 overall historically after his career reached 60 points against each other. With an explosion, Walker joined five more, all of Hall of Famers, and earned at least 40 points after going to 60 plus.

It's a rare air for a player who has not been seen as long ago as if he were not a bust, and after choosing him before Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson, headed 9 in 2011 decided disappointment.

Walker now sits on the list of league scoring shortly before Warriors star Stephen Curry at 29.6 points per game, the strongest part of what is being developed to be by far the best period of his career. The third straight All-Star nod looks like a deadly lock as well as a massive contract of free agents this summer.

If Horneté can improve on their average 8-8 record, the former UConn star could even be a marginal candidate for the Kia MVP. Call now and Celtics coach Brad Stevens could give it to him.

"You can not go under the screens, you can not give him free throws, I can not win bonus fouls," said Stevens, whose team was powerless to slow down Walker, even though he came up with the best-rated defense of the league.

"You can not lose it in selection and rollers, name it, everything has to be good, it uses so many things and it does so efficiently."

Kemba Walker will face 43 points against the Celtics.

Dissatisfaction in D.C.

It was a trial period for the Wizards. The team in four of the last five seasons, with three of them leading to a rare series of victories, is currently suffering from a backlog of the Eastern Conference on 5-11.

On Monday, it was even worse, as the signs of dysfunction and frustration in his bad beginning dissipated with some news of the recent practice in which John Wall's franchise groundstone allegedly cursed by coach Scott Brooks, who struggled with his teammate Jeff Green.

ESPN announced it Wall was fined, even though Brooks apologized shortly after the incident. The Washington Post also said that Bradley Beal and Austin Rivers were also in the same training, with Beal capturing a long shot at General Ernie Grunfeld.

Later, Beal, still fired, collapsed on the current culture within the organization. According to people who heard Bila's tirade, Beal shouted at something that was fine: "I'm dirty (crazy)." Beal also pointed to Grunfeld, who was sitting at a far base and said he had been dealing with him for seven years, and that "he started at the top."

Not surprisingly, the Wizards followed this Thursday practice with double-digit home network losses and Blazers, while Brooks described the latter as "embarrassing."

"We have to play with more enthusiasm, more effort and more energy," he said.

More of everything, to a large extent, or even more ESPN news that the Wizards are open to trading pretty much anyone in the schedule, could happen.

Embiid's revenge

We felt that the Shiites had bounced off Sunshine's Deandrea Ayton friends (we think) that they managed to win.

Details: Ayton drew suicide on the aforementioned Sixerson All-Star as Joel Embiid while filming Panini's newcomer. Ayton immediately threw one over Embiid in the opening minutes, featuring Suns social media teams an opportunity he could not resist.

But as the old saying says, discretion is the better part of greed. Embiid ended, dominating the match, roughly doubling Ayton in points (33-17) and rebounds (17-9) that Sixers was just happy to celebrate.

Shaqtin nominee

Just as Embiid was against the Sun, he should have forgotten for a while. Not that he left his teammate Ben Simmons.

Where is D?

If Greg Popovec in San Antonio had a single constant, it's suppression of defense.

This was not the case in New Orleans, because the Pelicans ripped them to a staggering 140 points – the most that Popovic did in 1,754 games.

The pelicans fired 57.8 percent with 34 assists, as four players scored 21 or more. One of these players, Julius Randle, became the fourth player record triple-doubles in 25 minutes or less.

At least Pop had a sense of humor: "We held them at 140. What do you mean, it's hard to guard?"

Rookie feat

Hawks's newcomer, Trae Young, has his fight and is entering the Monday action and shoots only 24.2 percent for 3s, averaging 3.9 turnovers per game.

It did not prevent him from doing any monster individual performances so far. Over another rough night night, Young joined the rare and elite companies with 25 points and 17 assists against Clippers.

Wait for it

This quick clip on Kyrie Irving, which works on the handle, may not seem particularly impressive first.

Then the camera goes back …

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