Manual fingerprint activation in the new OnePlus 6T

Back in front of the iPhone X came out, there were rumors suggesting that Apple would have gone away with the Home button by bringing the touch ID under the device display, keeping the fingerprint reader while allowing the display from edge to edge.

That did not happen and Apple eventually replaced it Touch the ID with facial identification, but since then, other companies have been using fingerprint recognition technology.

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OnePlus recently introduced its new OnePlus 6T, one of the first commercially available smartphones in the United States to use on-screen fingerprint recognition technology. We were able to get our hands on one of the new smartphones to see if Apple was missing something with Face ID implementation.

There are cases where the fingerprint sensor offers the benefits of face detection. For example, your facial ID does not work well when you lie in bed and the phone is held in the landscape or when the iPhone is on the table. With a fingerprint reader, this is not a problem.

Fingerprint readers have their own problems, and as we have found with OnePlus 6T technology, fingerprint image technology is not as big as it sounds. OnePlus implementation is slow and inaccurate, which is the main negative compared to Face ID.

With OnePlus 6T, you need to put your finger at the specified spot on the screen to make your fingerprint recognized, and sometimes hold it where it looks long before it reads your fingerprint. Touch the ID and face IDs are unlocked almost instantly, so waiting with OnePlus 6T is a huge difference.

If Apple watched fingerprint technology, its implementation could have been better than what OnePlus came out with, and there is still a chance that OnePlus will improve with software upgrades or future iterations, but we never know if Apple should do the better.

Apple is everywhere in Face ID, which is now in modern iPhone and iPad, and the company said that other solutions such as on the screen or on the back Touch the ID, have never been considered after they have decided to continue to identify their faces.

Apple's Face ID technology is still so advanced that another company, including OnePlus, has yet to respond. And the in-display technology still has a way to go, it seems that most of Apple's main competitors instead chose to make fingerprint readers to the back as a way to get margins on the edges.

You miss Touch the ID and I wish Apple to work on fingerprint readers in the view or prefer your face ID? Let us know in the comments.

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