Matty Yglesias cleared all Twitter feed

Vox Matty Yglesias, an advanced commentator and co-founder, canceled his entire feed on Twitter the day the Conservatives sharply criticized his remarks about wife Tucker Carlson.

Here is what you see now when you go to Twitter Twitter Yglesias:

Earlier today, Yglesias tweeted: "I can not honestly accept my wife Tucker Carlson at all – I agree that the protest against her house was tactically unreasonable and should not be done – but I am totally incapable of concentrating on any level." That tweet was of course removed but survived in screenshats and in reactions that Yglesias criticized him online:

Yglesias of course talked about a protest outside the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday. Carlson's wife, Susan Andrews, who was at home at the time, said she felt she had experienced a "home invasion" when demonstrators struck her door. Demonstrators, organized by Smash Racism DC, shouted: "Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!" Video protest has since been snatched from the social media. Learn more about Susan Andrews here.

Police investigate an incident in Tucker Carlson House as a possible hate crime

DC Metropolitan Police Department said officers who were called to Carlson's house on Wednesday night found about 20 protesters and watched the symbol of "anarchy" painted on the driveway. The police report describes the incident as "a hate crime suspicion" based on "anti-political" bias, according to the Associated Press.

Tucker's wife, Susan Andrews, told the police that Wednesday evening she heard that "a loud storm and buzz" had hit the front door. When she looked through the window, she saw a crowd standing in front of the house, singing loudly. At least one of them carried a bull horn. Susan called the police and stayed inside until they arrived.

The protest was organized by Smash Racism DC. The group has since been banned from Twitter because it distributed its home address to Yglesias.

Yglesias said he could not be sympathetic to Tucker Carlson's family because they are not real victims

Unfortunately, you can not read Matty Yglesias's full argument for long – because he has destroyed all of his tweets. Few survive because other people are tweeted on them. Yglesias said he really can not sympathize with Susan Andrews or Tucker Carlson because they believe they are not true victims. He wrote, "If your instinct is to feel the fear of the Carlson family, not the fear of his victims, you should be aware of why it is."

Yglesias took a lot of heat from people in the social media who called his "cruel" attitude to Susan and Tucker.

Some used a more harsh language.

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