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MLB News, Free Agency, and Business Updates: Braves Can not See at Kluber; Corbin met the Yankees

Almost a month has elapsed since the Boston Red Sox won the World Series 2018. In winter meetings that are not too far away, the baseball offseason will start to warm up. Last week, we saw James Paxton entering New York via a business, and Josh Donaldson chose Atlanta Braves as his employee in 2019. Even the rumors are juicy – at least if those that link Robinson Cano to New York Mets are some indications .

As such, we have decided to take part in a little public service by rounding daily transactions, news and notes in one place. Below you will find the ones listed below along with some comments. Do not forget to check back all Wednesday to find out what cooks in the hot stove.

Cubas add Torreyes

Cuba and Yankees did a smaller deal, with infilder utilities Ronald Torreyes heading to Chicago in exchange for a player to be named later or cash considered. Torreyes has a 81 OPS + career, but next season he could be a deep reserve on the Chicago bench.

Corbin met the Yankees

Patrick Corbin's Starfighter is a sought-after man. He's already met Phillies and Nationals this week (citizens are interested in all the top hands of the market) and on Thursday he will do the same with Yankees officials. Yankees has long been known to love Corbin. If they can get it, he joins James Paxton in a new rotation.

Braves would "love" the front rotary starter

Braves has a few busy days dealing with arrangements with Brian McCann and Josh Donaldson. They are known to want another trainer, but do not expect them to be enchanted by the top-flight starter. Theoretically, Bravo could use his young talent to go after someone like Corey Kluber or Noah Syndergaard. It should be seen whether any possibility is legitimate – at least one report suggests that Braves does not meet Kluber.

Astros long for Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi had a huge postseason, which resulted in the ring of the World Series and perhaps return home. That's because Astros are reportedly interested in signing Eovaldi, who grew up in Alvin, Texas. Alvin is also a place where Nolan Ryan was raised, and it is worth noting that Ryan is part of the Astros organization. We'll have to see if there's enough room for Eovaldi's landing.

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