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Mortal Kombat 11 Patches are immediate, all players receive currency in the game


If you took a copy Deadly Battles 11 last week, or even if you've just watched the news, you probably know that it can definitely do with some improvements here and there.

Developer NeatherRealm Studios recently found that it will push game updates across all platforms, hoping to solve reward balancing issues raised by less than happy fans. While this particular update is yet to come, Switch has now received a separate fix for addressing other smaller game elements.

– Character balancing and gameplay
-Audio and localization updates
– Character tutorials are now available
– Overall stability improvements
– General repairs

In addition, all players on all platforms will receive additional items in the game to help you overcome the challenges of the game.

We are aware of the difficulty in Towers of Time, and although we have made some changes, make sure it is on the way. To help you with your journey, everyone will receive:

– 500,000 Koins
– 500 hearts
– 1,000 fragments of the soul
– 1,000 crystals of time

As it turned out, the patch, which is set up to fix rewarding issues, will be split into two more updates. Publisher Warner Bros. explained how it will work:

We have two patches for the Nintendo Switch. We want to have the first patch in this series released the next day or two.

– Tuning characters to reduce the difficulty in Towers of Time
– Reduce the artificial state of artificial intelligence to reduce the difficulty of time towers
– Reduce the effects and frequency of the heaviest modifiers in Towers of Time
– Overall stability improvements

A second patch is in progress and we will notify you as soon as we have the release date. This update will include:

– Reducing AI difficulty
– Increased Kurrency Rewards at Towers of Time
– Thank you for the gift (as above)

Problems with the game in your current state? Are you sure these updates will solve the problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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