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NASA asteroid WARNING: Bennu 's collision course with the Earth' revealed in INCREDIBLE shots | Science News

The "potentially dangerous" astroid that he thinks holds alien life is evolving toward Earth. The US space agency NASA has calculated that there are about 2,700 asteroid chances, called Benna, which will happen on our planet in the next century and end life on Earth as we know it. And the newly released photographs showed the most detailed views of the strangely shaped asteroid "apocalypse".

NASA The Bennu-chasing OSIRIS-REx spacecraft launched unbelievably detailed shots of deadly space rocks more than 1.4 billion kilometers away.

OSIRIS-REx has been circling Benna since the beginning of 2019 in an attempt to learn more about the asteroid.

Measuring just 500 meters, Benna is the smallest object ever built by the artificial satellites.

The latest pictures were taken when OSIRIS-REx was just one mile above Benny's surface.

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Twitter account OSIRIS-REx tweeted: "As I fly around Bennu during Orbital A, my scientific cameras do not collect data.

"But my navigational system navCam 1 uses such optical navigation images to help track the asteroid path."

OSIRIS-REx was pushed out of Earth two years ago to study and return to Benna in 2023.

OSIRIS-REx will be in the orbit of Benna for the rest of the year before approaching close enough to capture a rock sample from the surface of the asteroid.

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The objective of the OSIRIS-REx mission is to return a 2.1-ounce regolit sample.

The OSIRIS-REX Supplement Twitter added: "For those who watch home, I left home in September 2016 and traveled only 2.2 billion kilometers.

"I will remain in orbit around Benna until the end of February when I begin a series of intersections for detailed exploration."

It is assumed that Benna asteroid is a carbon-rich rock that potentially contains a foreign organic matter.

NASA's explanation explained: "Benna's sample analysis will help planetary scientists better understand the role that asteroids could play in providing life-forming compounds on Earth.

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"We know that we studied Benna using Earth's telescope and the cosmos that it is a carbon-rich asteroid rich in carbon. Carbon is a joint on which organic molecules hang.

"Bennu is probably rich in organic molecules that are made of carbon chains linked to oxygen atoms, hydrogen, and other elements in the chemical recipe that makes all known living things.

"In addition to carbon, Benna can also have another important part of life: water that is captured in the minerals that make up the asteroid."

The spacecraft has detailed viewing using the NavCam 1 navigation camera, which is commonly used to track Benny.

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