NCAA comes to BYU over Nicky Emery's benefits, releases win, puts basketball team on probation

The men's basketball team, Brigham Young University, must release two seasons, take out a scholarship and have two more years of probation and other benefits provided by followers to Nick Emery, the NCAA reported Friday.

BYU loses 47 victories in both seasons. Emery played for Provo. The NCAA report stated that Cougars "gained the advantage of an unauthorized player in two seasons".

The University, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued a statement that she was disappointed in governance and claimed that the NCAA did not exclude prizes for schools with similar violations. BYU will appeal, the report said.

For now, BYU will be penalized:

  • Two years of trial period from today to 8 November 2020.
  • Allowing the records in which Emery participated, even though she was not eligible.
  • Reduction of one male basketball scholarship that took place during the fastest academic year (University itself).
  • In this academic year and in the years 2019-2020, recruiters shall not perform more than seven official visits.
  • Separation of one of the power boosters (self-imposed by the University).
  • The $ 5,000 fine (imposed by the University itself).

While the NCAA press release did not use the name Emery, BYU released a press release, and Emery on Friday afternoon basically confirmed her tweet transgression.

"My intentions never harmed the program or the university," BYU said. "I am a grateful coach [Dave] Rose and the University that I have been standing for the whole process. "

The Salt Lake Tribune described in detail in October 2017 how Emery traveled to amusement parks and concerts with Brandon Tyndall, executive director of the Tyndall Family Family, Fun For Less Tours, and a member of the Cougar Club, supporting BYU. Emery also secured the Volkswagen Jetta that Tyndall rented.

Tyndall is not named in either the NCAA or the BYU report, even though the descriptions in the NCAA report on free trips and a car match him. The NCAA wrote that BYU had already abolished the association with Tyndall, who did not return the Tribune reports that they were trying to comment on.

Brigham Young Cougars guards Nick Emery (4) scores because the BYU Men's Basketball Team plays a scrimmage game known as Cougar Tipoff, in Provo, Wednesday, October 25, 2017.
Brigham Young Cougars guards Nick Emery (4) scores because the BYU Men's Basketball Team plays a scrimmage game known as Cougar Tipoff, in Provo, Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

Two other boosters provided golf trips and meal at the Country Club in Emery, according to the NCAA, and one of them left Emery $ 200 in cash in a basketball dressing room. The fourth assistant, who Emery prepared for the weekend in the resort, said the NCAA.

The NCAA report stated that the Offense Committee (COI) was concerned about the "uncontrolled approach" they had to send Emery and the men's basketball program.

"COI was particularly concerned that one of the boosters had access to the men's basketball box and used the approach to provide the student with an athlete in cash," the NCAA said. "The fact that Brigham Young's mentor program has brought together one of the fighters with student athletes also covered the COI."

Overall, the NCAA said the boosters provided $ 12,000 in free all-inclusive vacation, cash, meals, golf and car use. Of that, $ 10,000 of the booster that corresponds to Tyndall's description.

(Rick Egan | Salt Lake Tribune) Brigam Young Cougars coach Dave Rose has a word with a basketball referee at the Marriott Center, Saturday, February 10, 2018.
(Rick Egan | Salt Lake Tribune) Brigam Young Cougars coach Dave Rose has a word with a basketball referee at the Marriott Center, Saturday, February 10, 2018.

Rose, the BYU male basketball coach, loses about seven of his 329 career victories under the NCAA sanctions. BYU issued the answer that advocated Rose and his program.

"From the beginning, BYU considered a serious matter for any violation, and we cooperated in every respect with the NCAA." There was no institutional knowledge or involvement in misdemeanors, and in fact the NCAA found Coach Rose to support the atmosphere of compliance and track the program, "the statement said.

The NCAA, for more than two decades, did not require institutions to release games in similar cases where COI found that there was no institutional knowledge or involvement in the breach either by coaching staff or other The sanction in fact includes the most serious prison sentence ever enforced in NCAA Division I basketball history for misdemeanors that did not include any institutional knowledge or engagement.In addition, in the case most closely resembling this situation, sanctions were imposed, but no winnings were released, BYU believes that the fine for the holidays is unjust and is not in line with the recent NCAA precedent, the university plans to revoke the decision. "

Rose added on Friday: "I am very disappointed with today's decision by the NCAA, and I firmly support the university plan to appeal against the decision, which is why my focus is on our team and [Friday’s] game with the Utah valley. "

In an interview in October 2017 Tyndall told The Tribune that he and Emery had not done anything.

"Every item paid," Tyndall said. "Everything was charged, it was absolutely nothing, we were friends."

The NCAA may grant exceptions to the booster rules that give players gifts if the helper has a relationship with students and athletes before enrolling. Tyndall refused to say how long Emery knew.

Tyndall said there was documentation that Emery was paying for the trip.

Tyndall said he was a member of the Cougar club, but "is not active."

"I'm doing more for the seats," Tyndall said.

The NCAA report stated that Emery received trips that included transportation, accommodation, meals and tickets to the Broadway show, amusement park and concerts. Tribune, based on documents and social media, found that Emery and a friend had traveled to California to visit Universal Studios and the U2 Concert. Emery and his friend also traveled to the U2 concert in Toronto. Tyndall appeared in social media with Emery in both places.

Emery was captain of the team and starter in the 2016-2017 season. He also starred at the Lone Peak High School, which was named National Champion in 2013 and was The Tribune 5A MVP Basketball Boys that year. As a junior high school, Emery pledged BYU, where his older brother Jackson Emery played basketball for four seasons.

Emery gained national attention when the University of Utah, Brandon Taylor, took off in 2015. Emery was suspended for another game – a victory over the Web community. It seems to be the only 48 of the BYU victories in the two Emery seasons that would remain if the NCAA did not escape the exclusionary penalties.

Emery left the team before the start of last season and shortly after the NCAA survey was published. He was suspended in the first nine matches this season, because he received disadvantages. Nothing has changed in reports in Friday's announcement.

The latest BYU athletic program disciplined by the NCAA was a male volleyball team. He was twice punished from 2008 to 2011 for giving inappropriate benefits to players.

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