Nintendo turns off Netflix and other video streaming services on the Wii in January

If you are a Wii owner who uses a console not only to play games but also to bing on Netflix, you will soon have to find an alternative. Nintendo closes streaming video services in January 2019.

We already knew that Nintendo intends to turn off the Wii Shop channel in January 2109, but adding audio streaming video comes as an additional blow to Wii owners.

Realistically it is most surprising that Nintendo is down – Wii is now an old console and several channels have been eliminated. Come on January 30, 2019, the Wii Shop will no longer be available and video streaming will also be turned off.

Netflix has informed his users of the upcoming change of email that was shared on Reddit:

Unfortunately, after 31 January 2019, Nintendo will suspend all Wii video streaming services – including the Netflix channel.

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If you click on the link, this is actually January 30, but if it's 30 or 31, you only have two and a half months before you can play Netflix on the Wii before you start using another device.

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