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North Carolina vs. Michigan score: Wolverines could be better than last year's final team

Michigan comes from a period in which one win was in winning a national title when he defended the basketball class in the class and sent two players to the NBA.

And yet, to the surprise of almost everyone, it's all the more credible that 2018-19 Michigan will be even better than last year's team. It seems crazy. Then you look at Michigan. Then it is easy to believe.

What John Beilein has built is not just a matter of year. Michigan is now third on the wave-curl, which is still gaining speed and validity. Already this month we have seen that Michigan defeated the government champion Villanova by 27 points at Villanova. He still kept him and the Michigan continued to set up as an elite in the defense and occasionally fatal for a misdemeanor. And Wednesday night Wolverines were home owners and won 7-0 with a 84-67 victory over number 11 North Carolina (6-2).

It would be convincing to underestimate this victory. It was a 17 point win, which was almost 40.

Here's the bulletin: The University of Michigan has deliberately conquered two trainers and programs that are responsible for winning the last three national championships. At this point, despite his assessment of No. 7, Michigan looks as good as any college basketball player. Yes, it means Gonzaga, Kansas and Duke. In the pair of victories M over Nova and UNC and the style in which they came, they cope with another team in the best two matches in the country against the rewarding teams.

And if the Wolverines started in the season higher than in the 19th grade, they would probably be among the top four in all of the aforementioned schools. Give her another two weeks, and the Beilein team can be attracted to Zags, Jayhawks and Blue Devils – as long as Purdue defeats at home and Northwestern on the road.

At the heels of a football season with a ripe promise, Michigan fans should have some consolation by knowing that the basketball team is not built to look just like Jim Harbaugh and guys in helmets. And after the soccer team's disappointment against the impact on Ohio State, the basketball team must relieve even a little of the pain of Michigan 62-39 Saturday's horseshoot.

Michigan is not only the seventh in the country and still unbeaten, he won each game in double-digit numbers and had an average victory of 21.7. Because so dangerous was Michigan this season and in many recent years it's Wolverine's defense, which bears its renown until December. Assistant Luke Yaklich coordinates most of the Michigan team at this end of the floor and the moon is improving.

What a star this is. Again: wave is still with this program.

When someone as good as Beilein can concentrate more on the crime and leave defensive heavy lifting to his trusted assistants, the team with this size, talent and skill makes it all the more dangerous.

Before the middle was the season in North Carolina with low points 78. Michigan dropped by another 11 points. Wolverines 84 points, each other, tied season-high. What was set as one of the most tempting games of the week, soon became a heavy, hard and fast Michigan supporter in the second half.

It's impressive to see this because Wolverine no longer has Moe Wagner, Duncan Robinson or Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rakhman. Yet the first Iggy Brazdeikis's injection was a revelation. Canadian Forward plays with intensity, trust and spirit, which is unusual for the novice of its size and skill level. It's tangible to add something to this unit that makes big dividends.

Michigan ended up shooting 50 percent (11 for 22) from a 3 point range and 57 percent overall from the field. Brazdeikis had 24 points in the game. Charles Matthews, who is likely to play in the NBA uniform for the year, was 21. 21. Jordan Poole added 18. Only eight of the Michigan players saw the floor. Is it just the beginning?

We have a lot of roads to cover, but if it does not damage bad luck or something bizarre with these Wolverines, it's hard to imagine that Michigan will not be a nationwide factor throughout the season. It is already rounded to the point where no one suffers from this game.

This is the second start for 7-0 in Michigan under Beilein. The only time when this happened was 2012; it ended with Michigan in the national title game. After a big November, it's easy to see how this season can end up with the Wolverines playing again in April.

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