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Motorola is working on a folding phone that we expect will look similar to the old Razr flip phones, with all the modern features you get from today's smartphones. That would mean a folding phone that looks like a small flip or a clamshell, but it's a really big device when it's unfolded. It could be a dream setting for those of us who are not interested in a phone that is developing into a tablet.

Today is a new folding Motorola Razr (2019) has allegedly leaked, thanks post on Weibo user @JJUT_. Post has since been erased from what I can say, but the Internet never forgets and images are spreading fast.

The pictures show the decomposed Moto Razr, packaging and accessories that could come with this supposedly $ 1500 phone. In the Razr triangular box we have USB-A to USB-C cable, 3.5mm dongle, charger, earplugs and some docking or phone holder.

As for the phone (above), you can see its iconic Razr shape with chin, top notch on the exploded phone display and hinge mechanism. None of the images indicate that the phone is completely folded, but we assume that there is a gap similar to what we saw on the Galaxy Fold. These displays cannot be completely collapsed at this time.

But it looks pretty good, doesn't it? It looks like an old Razr phone, just with this modern twist.

Are these images legit? We have no idea at this time. Users at Weibo who share them, they certainly think so @JJUT_ it is a legitimate source and seems to work within the Lenovo community. As noted above, these images are spreading quickly as if they were a real solution. But again, we can't confirm it.

We know that Motorola is working on a folding phone, probably as a clamshell. We know that archiving World Intellectual Property shows a folding clamshell that looks like this device. And we're sure Moto Razr will arrive at Verizon under the XT-2000 model number. Motorola also said it was not planning to be late.


Moto Razr 2019

Moto Razr 2019

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