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Samsung says the Galaxy S10 is selling better than the company's declining earnings

Samsung Electronics has warned investors that it is about to do much less money this quarter, and certainly enough, the company just announced its first quarter earnings, showing that profits fell 60 percent compared to last year, from 15.64 trillion victories (roughly US $ 13.4 billion) to just 6 , 2 trillion victories (about $ 5.3 billion).

But unlike Google before, the company doesn't blame its expensive phones for anything – Samsung says the Galaxy S10 lineup actually sold well, with a company carrying 78 million phones overall (as well as 5 million tablets) this quarter, and that all the weaknesses of phones can be explained by the low and medium models that cannibalize last year's Galaxy sales. (Much of Samsung's new strategy delivers its mid-range features to its phones, as is the case with the new A Series).

Samsung also expects a bit more phones next quarter.

Instead, the reasons for the downturn are primarily the same as in the previous quarter: falling demand for memory chips, Samsung real bread and butter, as well as reduced demand for displays. The company says things should improve in the second half of the year, with greater demand for flash memory in servers, as well as smartphones with 256GB or more storage. image sensors slow down – the last one is due to "low seasonality of smartphones".

Samsung initially did not list its Galaxy Folded payphone phone, but answered one question about the phone by announcing that the launch plan would be updated over the next few weeks. the second half of the year, depending on how you interpret this passage in a press release (bold):

The other halfDespite intense competition in the market, Samsung expects smart phone sales to grow due to new models in all Galaxy A segments to the Galaxy Note, thanks to strong seasonality. In the premium segment, the company will strengthen its leadership with the new Galaxy Note and its innovative products, such as 5G and folding smartphones

More generally, the company expects that the increased demand for flexible screens may help its imaging business due to some unspecified "new smartphones," but that the demand for flexible displays may be "soft" for the time being. The trading company exhibits banking on other, non-moving screens of smartphones that help the division "bounce".

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