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Sixers beat Knicks: 3 thoughts of the win

Hearts are now in the middle of the evening 15-8 after their victory over the New York Knicks victory in 117-91.

Here are three thoughts about winning, just like one other very important NBA thought:

Boy, the draft is furious

Knicks are totally awful, but you realize how difficult it is to pick a NBA Draft player when you look at the starting lineup.

Emmanuel Mudiay was taken in the 7th overall in 2015, Mario Hezonja was accepted 5th overall in the same motion, Noah Vonleh was elected the 9th overall in 2014, Enes Kanter was taken 3rd overall in 2011, and Tim Hardaway Jr was chosen 24. in 2013. Four five boys were lottery selection courses, two of which were the top five. And it smells.

I will not get his name, but the previous Sixers GM bosses have suggested that because the design was so imperfect, so difficult to have a real chance of getting star players, you need as many options as possible and as high as possible. Knicks are the proof.

Embiid got some rest in the second half … But he should have more

Joel Embiid plays more minutes to match than everything except one other NBA center. We are over a quarter of the season and have not had one rest game. Yes, it's the same Joel Embid you remember.

While the Embiid MVP season should be useful for everything that was, and while we should celebrate how well Joel has delayed, we should never take it for granted.

This is in the short and long term. If it continues, Embiid has a chance to be the biggest athlete in Philadelphia history. That's important. But what is also important is that at the end of the game and at the end of the season it is not gassed. 32 minutes per game instead of 35 minutes per game is a difference of 240 minutes, or about eight full games.

Envirotive gaming 30 minutes at night was better than 35, but this figure could be even lower. I know his father was in the game, but I'm sure his father, like anyone else, wants Joel to have a long and productive career.

A long story short, some exhausts give them a chance to vent them. I'm not sure why he had to return 3 minutes in the third quarter by 28 points to be honest. If we scream and scream about Sixers with "the three best 20 players" they should be able to finish the Knicks with two of them.

Landry Shamet is an almost reversed Dunk

Landry Shamet was revealed this year. The guy, who all thought Sixers was in the first round, can play. It's amazing!

But when we think about Landry Shameta's contributions, we think about the abyss, we do not think of dunes.

Look, Shamet missed this coup in this second quarter, but the fact that I tried him, I'm so happy.

I do not know much about kicks, but …***

I love Kawhi Leonard's famous decision to go with New Balance for my tennis shop. This Joel Embiid, who joined Steph Curry, wore Under Armor. Everyone loves Nike and Adidas, but it takes me back to the old days of boys walking their boots.

Who can skip that Derrick Coleman goes with the British Knights? Our own faces of Mo wore Ellesse! Patrick Ewing wore … Ewings.

Okay, this was not about Sixers.

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