Volga-Dnepr Airlines and Bolloré Logistics support the historic space mission

Volga-Dnepr Airlines, a leader in the heavy and heavy transport market, together with its Bolloré Logistics partner, supports a global aviation peacekeeping mission with the delivery of the first European Space Module (ESM) for a historic space program, which in 2022 will accept astronauts the low orbit of the Earth.

A 14-ton module transported in a special container to maintain precise temperature and pressure conditions, as well as 10 tons of support equipment, was delivered aboard one of Anton's 124-100 Volga-Dnepr trucks from Bremen to Germany to Titusville, in preparation for its installing a new generation of the Orion spacecraft and testing at the Kennedy Space NASA in Florida. The module provides spacecraft power, power, water and oxygen sources as well as thermal control.

The first unmanned Orion mission is planned for 2020 and will have a spacecraft more than 64,000 kilometers behind the moon. Two years later, the first human spacecraft will carry astronauts further into space than ever before, as part of a program to gather scientific data to develop the ability of people to travel to Mars.

Konstantin Vekšin, Executive President for Charta Cargo operations at Volga-Dnepr Airlines, commented: "It is a great honor for us to support such significant and historic efforts. Providing specialized transport for the aerospace industry is one of the key areas of expertise of Volga-Dnepr Airlines and we run every year more than 50 flights with different space costs, including satellites, spacecraft, rockets and power boats. The unique capabilities of our Antonov 124-100 and Ilyushin 76TD-90VD freight wagons with platform loading and onboard crane systems together with our three decades of experience enable our team of experts to provide safe, safe time and cost savings – an effective solution for delivering such important and sensitive costs. We wish this unique space mission that changes history, every success! "

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