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What Thanos Creator Thought About The Avengers Endgame And The End

Avengers: The final game is finally in theaters and brings the end of stories and narrative arches that began ten years ago.

One main story was the story of Infinity Gauntlet, which was the driving force behind linked stories so far with the evil Thanos. Jim Starlin, who created Thanos (and Gamora and Drax) and also wrote the Infinity Gauntlet comics, now shares his thoughts on the Avengers: Endgame and Thanos' destiny.

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Starlin said he was "stunned" and "overwhelmed" by the events of Endgame. "Up and down you are wearing. There are a few really heartbreaking moments mixed with lots of really funny little instances," he explained.

Thanos is killed twice in Endgame; one by Thor, who heads off, and the other – by goodness – when Tony Stark controls Gauntlet and Thanos disappears from existence. Starlin noted that he was particularly impressed by how actor Josh Brolin played Thanos's last moments when he accepted his destiny and sat silently and waited for his fate.

"His last moments in the film I think are just invaluable," Starlin said. "His performance, once he realizes what's going on, I think it's just one of those little moments in the movie everyone remembers. It's like accepting and taking it as a man, you know? I thought it was perfectly played. "

Also in the interview, Starlin said that the Gamora character in Marvel movies is primarily the closest representation of what he created in comics.

You can see the whole interview here in IGN.

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