agricultural production is between 10 and 15%

President of the National Council for Trade and Services (Consecomercio), María Carolina Uzcátegui, confirmed this Sunday that one of the main problems of the national economy Yippee lack, which, in his view, is caused inter alia tax measures applied national executive generates decapitalization.

Similarly he claimed that lack of access to a hard currency at a reasonable price has led to a "wasting" of salary workers.

About numbers that reflect certain economic sectors, he said that food represents and 60% decrease, while others like it Clothing and footwear account for up to 90%.

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On the other hand, agricultural production is 10 to 15% of its capacity, said Uzcátegui, who also expressed concern about small national traders, and noted that only this year, around 400 companies closed in Sában Grande in Caracas.

Bolipuertos and El Petro

During a conversation with journalist Carlos Croes in the Díalogo Con program, Uzcátegui was recognized in the country's ports "Serious Cases of Corruption", addition technical difficulties which "reduced the capacity for unloading the ship", which affected the supply chain.

In his view, the politicization of the institutions had a negative impact in driving quality.

He finally emphasized this Petro, thanks to its features, it's an accounting unit and not a cryptocurrency, which will serve as a reference point and an anchor determination of salaries.

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