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Archbishop Maracaibo excommunicated a priest who abused the girl

28 November 2018 12:40
Updated November 28, 2018 12:45

The Archdiocese of Maracaibo announced the excommunication of priest Ivao Merina Padial, who committed lascivious acts against a twelve-year-old girl.

Through the declaration, the Church rejected the lascivious acts of a priest of Spanish origin and belonged to the Church of Mary the Immaculate. Monsignor Angel Caraballo, a bishop of the Archbishopric of Maracaibo, read a statement during a press conference.

In the text, the religious institution apologized to the minor and his family for the acts committed by the priest. "Because of the damage they have suffered in our womb, we can doubt their faith because of the sin of those who are called to take care of us and encourage us." We express our firm and violent condemnation of these acts and all forms of sexual abuse, especially if this misuse was committed by the priest, "the monsignor read.

The priest was arrested on Saturday, November 24, to maintain a confidential relationship with a minor, police said. Panorama.

Merino Padial had a relationship with the girl for several months since he came to Mass in the Marabino Church, according to the inhabitants of Urbanization El Naranjal.

"The girl stayed with the priest for a long time, coming late at night home," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

The individual was arrested when an officer in the Zulia State Police (Cpbez) suspected a vehicle that had been parked for a long time.

Authorities have said there are two people inside the vehicle who perform crazy actions, that is, when the authorities reduced the car's citizens and identified a girl who was without a blouse.

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