Cardinal Lary won second victory in the Caribbean series

The Cardinal Lary they beat this center Timber lumber on tons of Cuba, race at zero at its second session Caribbean series, which was stolen from the state of Lara where it is played Panama

The only lines of the match were pushed Alejandro de Aza, who, in the lower part of the seventh episode, combined the sacrificial fly to scores from the third base, Luis Jiménez.

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Lara overtook Charros de Jalisco's debut with a blackboard 5-1, supported by Néstor Molina's work and an offensive Luis Jiménez, Juniel Querecuto, Alejandro De Aza and Carlos Rivero.

Larense lead Group A with two victories without defeat, followed by Lumberjacks with one and one and the last record Charros who have two defeats without victory.

The next twilight meeting will be on next Friday Charros from Jalisco from Mexico.

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