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Concern about high absenteeism at Coppell Middle School – Univision 23 Dallas

Coppell High School (Coppell High School) experienced a large number of absenteeism among his student enrollment because of what could be a major influenza or influenza epidemic that has raised major concerns in the community and campus managers,

More than 300 students suffered between Monday and Tuesday due to influenza symptoms, Coppell School District officials confirmed.

Meanwhile, the district reported that 235 students were improper on Monday, but at least another 115 were dropped out of school early. On Tuesday, the high school reported 325 absent students.

This school, located in the west of the city, has about 1300 entries, which means that about twenty percent of its students suffered the first two days of the week.

The Coppell School District has sent a letter to alert parents to a high number of flu cases. Part of the letter indicated guidelines for district health assistance.

"Flu is a virus and is easily transmitted to others. The main symptom of influenza is fever and can include body aches, fever, cough and congestion, sore throat or vomiting," says a letter sent to parents Last Monday called for sick children to stay home 24 hours after they were free of fever.

The letter also reminded parents that influenza vaccine is the first line of defense against the flu according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and helps children take further precautionary measures.

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