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Crean mini placentas para estudiar enfermedades durante en embarazo

La Prensa de Lara | EFE.- A group of investigators from the University of Cambridge is a miércoles en Nature magazine, one of which was innovating in the analysis of deserrollo from the human placenta mediante cultivos de laboratorio, which permitirá aumentar el conocimiento sobre enfermedades que surgen durante el embarazo.

This process is based on the creation of organoids, which is a model of the microorganism that is desorrolled in the laboratory and that it is possible to concentrate more on the descent of a placenta en gestación.

The main route of administration is the development of a trastoros which is produced during the preeclampsia period, the restriction of creatine to fetal mutilation, which results in an abnormal creatine of the placenta during the first trimester.

Hasta ahora el conocimiento de placenta humana was limitado de debido a la falta de modelos funcionales creados en el laborio con los que experimento por por el que el desarrollo de organoides permitirá ampliar las indagaciones en campo.

He is the leader of the University of Cambridge professor, Ashley Moffett, who uses the generosity of a large plateau of organically grown organisms that is part of a trophoblastic plant that is extracted from the placenta during the first trimester, gestación.

It is also important to note that, in order to reduce the number of organisms in the tridimensional period, it may be necessary to determine whether or not they are selectively selected in the form of a single sample.

Estos organoides admias permitiran estudiar los cambios fisiológicos, metaboliticos y hormonas que ocurren durante la gestación.

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