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Cryptopia attack on New Zealand continues

Two weeks after the first hack hit, New Zealand-based cryptology, Cryptopia, is still infringed by criminals, according to an article published on January 29th on the Chain of the Chain Blog. Elementus blocks.

The Stock Exchange suspended its services after revealing a serious hack that allegedly caused "significant losses" on January 15th. Cryptopia said the hack appeared the previous day, January 14th. Initially, the platform said it was unplanned maintenance and issued several brief updates before the attack was detected.

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On January 20, Elementus announced that up to $ 16 million was stolen in Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 chips. According to the blog, Ethereum's block chain information indicates to the public that funds have begun to be diverted from the two main Cryptopia wallets. – one with ETH, the other with chips – in the morning of January 13.

In today's post, Elementus says the attack continues and the hackers stole 1,775 ETH (175,875 USD) out of 17,000 cryptopic wallets that accumulate in this direction. In addition, he claims that among the 17,000 affected purses are 5,000, which were emptied when the platform was first broken, but have since been re-filled.

Elementus says it was obvious that the same hacker or hacker is responsible for the continuing security breach because the funds were transferred to the address used in the initial attack. The two addresses mentioned in Etherscan have been recorded due to their involvement in hackers, and the site warned that the public should proceed with caution when interacting with addresses.

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The blog concludes that Cryptopia has no control over their Ethereum wallets while the hacker still has it. Some in the cryptographic community have pointed out that this is not the second attack on cryptopia, but the sequel to the attack. Person on Twitter he said:

"The nature of the compromise is that the attacker stole the ETH private key and erased the copy [de Cryptopia]The same hack, just a new histrionic remarkable point that would steal you if you never learned the basics of how private keys work. "

Yesterday, in a Chainalysis report, Chainalysis said two groups of hackers had stolen $ 1 billion of cryptosurgery. According to a report shared with the Wall Street Journal, two entities received most of the money lost in cryptobusiness fraud.

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